3 Lessons God Taught Me in the Mountains

Mountains, design courtesy of Adobe SparkI’m a girl from the mountains.

Did you know that about me? I grew up in the Appalachian Mountains of Southwest Virginia. My hometown sits in a valley and borders several nearby states. So, it’s just a hop and a skip away from my current home in Tennessee.

In 2015, I shared a post about lessons learned—from God himself—in the Great Smoky Mountains of Tennessee.

Life’s Classroom

But this week I mastered fresh lessons. I attended a writers conference in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. I reconnected with writers, formed new friendships, and networked with industry professionals.

Although this made my third trip to the event, the Lord spoke to my heart. God’s Word, worship songs, knowledge gleaned from others, and the Lord’s beautiful creation reached the depths of my soul.

I often sit in life’s classroom. I won’t say there’s passing and failing grades. And the Lord never grades on the curve. But I know the good Lord speaks in mighty ways to those willing to attend class.

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Put this Epic Love Song on Your Playlist

song, design by Adobe SparkDoes a certain love song make your heart skip a beat?

I recall my favorite love songs through the years. Each carries memorable melodies with sweet lyrics denoting loyalty of heart.

Staying true to real love.

My daughter showed me one love song to put at the top of my playlist. And, at the time, she was only a little girl.

As I rocked my infant son in the living room, my husband filmed our daughter, Megan. Nearly four-years-old, a few of her joys in life included kid’s classes at church, watching children’s videos, and playing with dolls.

Enjoyments came to life for the video camera: songs, quoting a Bible verse, or random question-answer prompted by mom and dad. “Where did we go today?” And, “Tell everybody how old you are?” Memories and moments captured on film.

But Megan sparkled with merriment when singing.

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Why Moms can’t Always Make it Better

Moms, Adobe SparkI ran toward my five-year-old, Caleb, as he limped nearer.

Tears flowing down his cheeks increased with the sight of blood oozing from his knee…and when he saw me.

“This will sting for a few seconds.” I blew my breath on the newly scraped flesh.

A kiss, bandaid, tear-wiping, and mom-cuddles will make it better.

It’s what moms do.

My children had their share of minor mishaps. My daughter, Megan, fractured her finger from a fall outside. But adventure and mischief joined forces when it came to Caleb.

Moms Want to Make it Better

“Mom, watch this.”

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The Vacationing Soul: A Beach Devotional by Cathy Baker

beach, Adobe SparkDo you enjoy vacations, going to the beach, and reading devotionals? Allow me to introduce my guest blogger today, Cathy Baker. We first met at a writers conference in North Carolina. Cathy radiates a fun-spirited soul who loves the Lord. Her new e-book, written specifically for the beach, released this week on Amazon. I know you’ll enjoy her heart as you find out more about how to get her devotional. Welcome, Cathy.

Beauty in the Mundane

Have you ever wondered how God could possibly take seemingly mundane tasks, ideas, or habits and use them as beautiful expressions of His glory years later?

I can’t help but think of a shepherd boy I learned about in Vacation Bible School. Like any good shepherd, he sheared the sheep’s winter fleece. And he traversed many miles to find the perfect spot for his flock to feed and rest.

We know this shepherd boy one day became a king—King David.

He couldn’t have known that the life skills he honed as a menial shepherd boy would one day sharpen to the point of becoming a beloved ruler over Israel. But God knew.

  • God knew that David’s faithfulness in caring well for the sheep would one day produce a king who cared deeply for His people.
  • God knew that David’s ability to overcome lions and bears (2 Samuel 17:33-37) would strengthen David’s faith and his knowledge of Him.
  • God knew that David’s lonely days on hillsides would emotionally prepare him to not only be a strong king, but also a poet and musician. A blessing to everyone who seeks solace in the psalms today.

David didn’t know that his life experiences as a shepherd would prepare him to be a king, but God did.

Devotional for the Beach

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