3 Reasons Why I’m Giving Up Blogging …

Blogging, courtesy of Adobe Spark…on Thanksgiving Day.

So, truth is, I’m not giving up blogging, not totally. I just won’t be posting next week. This was such a fun blog last year, I decided to repost for those of you who may have forgotten my holiday and turkey sentiments, and for the benefit of my new readers.

As you know, I post an article every Thursday by Girl Friday. But I won’t be posting next Thursday. It’s a holiday.

Here’s a countdown of the 3 reasons why.

Reason #3

I love Turkey. It’s true. I do. Have you ever answered this question with friends, “If you could choose a last meal, what would it be?” Our Thanksgiving feast each year is one of my favorite meals. In fact, it’s first choice for my last meal. Second on the list is pasta. The peak of comfort food.

Envision this mouth-watering spread: turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, green beans, broccoli casserole, mac & cheese, corn, sweet potato casserole, cranberry salad, and home-made yeast rolls. Don’t forget the pumpkin pie, my Grandmother Clarkston’s lemon pie, and banana pudding! Smack your lips together and dream—there’s no meal like this one.

Along with my mom and sisters, I’ll start early in the week planning. Cooking. Making preparations.

Come Thanksgiving, I’ll be holding a fork. No blogging for me that day.  Blogging, Courtesy of Adobe Spark

Reason #2

I love my family. It’s true. I do. Every Thanksgiving my family makes a beautiful drive to the southwest mountains of Virginia. It’s the place I spent my childhood—Big Stone Gap. My two sisters and their families join us at our mother’s house.

Envision this heart-warming scene: Hugs and “Happy Thanksgiving” greetings. 15-16 people use every available dinning chair and table. After dinner, they scatter in various rooms. Football-watching happens. Story-telling takes place. Throw-your-head-back laughing makes an appearance. And don’t forget the interruptions from too many folks talking at once and excitement in the air with Christmas just around the corner! Tap your ruby red shoes together and dream—“There’s no place like home.”

Along with my family, I’ll be laughing. Talking. Making memories.

Come Thanksgiving, I’ll be holding family moments close. No blogging for me that day.

Reason #1

I love my Lord. It’s true. I do. What’s the one thing you’re most thankful for? Thanksgiving is a time to be grateful. To celebrate blessings. To give thanks.

Thankful for family. Shelter. Food. Memories. Love. Hope. Peace. Breath. Life. Eternity.

But thankfulness should occur 365 days a year.

I'm most thankful for Christ and His grace that covers all my sin. #grace #thanksgiving Click To Tweet

Envision this soul-captivating banquet: You see a countless number of seats. There’s room for many. The finest of delicacies is served. Story-telling takes place. Joy and laughter fill the space. Excitement is in the air as Christ takes His place beside the Father. Clap your hands together and dream—There’s no meal like this one. Heaven is our eternal home.

Blogging, Courtesy of Adobe SparkAlong with God the Father, Christ is making preparations for us. “There is more than enough room in my Father’s home. If this were not so, would I have told you that I am going to prepare a place for you?” (John 14:2 NLT).

We’ll be welcomed to the banquet table by our Lord. A sacred meal and place setting marked with each of our names. We’ll dine with our spiritual brothers and sisters.

“Then I heard what sounded like the voices of many people. The angel said to me, Write this: ‘Those who are asked to the wedding supper of the Lamb are happy.’ And he said, ‘These are the true words of God'” (Revelation 19:6, 9  NLV).

Come Thanksgiving, l’ll be holding a place in my heart. Anticipating the great thanksgiving to come. No blogging for me that day.


A thanksgiving day like no other. The wedding supper of the Lamb. #heaven #thanksgiving Click To Tweet


Since this is a repost, I wanted to add one more grateful note. I’m thankful for each of you. Thanks for being a part of this blog community. “I thank my God in all my remembrance of you…” (Philippians 1:3 ESV).

So, see you in two weeks . . . via blogging.

Happy Thanksgiving!

© 2016 by Karen Friday, All rights reserved

Banquet image and text on images courtesy of Adobe Spark.

Image of pies: deep dish pumpkin and my Grandmother Clarkston’s original lemon pie on my barn wood table.

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This post is very similar to the one I am linking up this week! We shared many of the same sentiments. Love it!

I especially loved how you closed the post by writing of the great banquet we will one day have with Jesus. What a great day that will be!

Thanks for sharing!

Karen says:

Karen, thanks and that’s neat about the similarity. Love Thanksgiving. And I enjoy reflecting on that great banquet one day, where there will be a seat saved just for us! Thanks for commenting! Blessings!

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