Baby’s First Christmas

My grandchild

My grandchild

By Karen Friday

“Christmas won’t be about the baby.”

We’re expecting our first grandchild, a boy, in February. Excitement is stirring. Yay!

I’ve made purchases for January’s upcoming baby shower. In a gracious gesture, my daughter offered for those things to count as Christmas gifts—for her and her husband. (Tyler, if this is news to you, sorry.)

“Oh, no.” Clear in my response, this year would be no different. Christmas morning will yield filled stockings and presents for my husband, kids, son-in-law, and dogs. Checking my list and checking it twice (√—everyone’s been nice): Mike, Caleb, Megan and Tyler (gifts for them individually and as a couple), and the dogs, Sadie and Big-T.

The baby items would keep until later. Thinking, let’s celebrate Christmas as usual. We’ll be celebrating the baby next year.

Christmas would not be about the baby. Fa la la la la, la la la la.

But, I found a stocking inscribed, Baby’s First Christmas. Along with items to go inside. And more presents. I couldn’t resist. Stuffed animals. Clothes. All for him. For baby.


Megan and Tyler will open gifts for themselves and their coming child.

Some would argue this isn’t the baby’s first Christmasfor real. Yet, growing in the womb, he’s a child who represents life, a blessing, a real part of our family.

Now And Always

I realized entry into this world and an official birth date will confirm his identity. An identity found in family.

Earthly family chosen for him. As a child, he belongs to my daughter and her husband. Now. Always.

As a grandchild, he belongs to several sets of grandparents. Now. Always.

Things That Sparkle

Newborn babies capture my heart. Both in person and in pictures. When I meet and hold my grandson, he’ll mark a sacred place among my heart’s treasures. Near the top. Along side those I love and hold dear.

Treasures sparkling with life touched by heavenly moments. My salvation experience. My wedding day. The birth of my children.

An Interrupted Christmas

This Christmas season, our family will celebrate a baby. A son. The one coming and the One who has come.

A baby’s first Christmas. An event inscribed, Emmanuel—God with us. Along with items to go inside our hearts—love, joy, peace, presence, glad tidings, and good news.

You see, Christmas should never be stolid. Ordinary. The usual. Our holiday will be interrupted by a baby boy this year. And next year. And the next. To be continued each December 25.

IMG_6956The first Christmas was about a baby. No stuffed animals, but real livestock. None of those Ooo-ah-how-cute baby clothes, only swaddling cloths.

Jesus. A treasure sparkling with life touched by heavenly moments. His birth. His ministry. His words. His death and resurrection.

When I met Christ, He interrupted my life and holds the top and sacred place in my heart’s treasures.

What about you? Is Christmas mere stockings, gifts, trees and lights?

Or is Christmas about the baby? “For a child will be born to us, a son will be given to us; And the government will rest on His shoulders; And His name will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Eternal Father, Prince of Peace” (Isaiah 9:6, NASB).

Have you realized the entry of Jesus into this world officially confirmed His identity? An identity found in family. Earthly parents chosen for Him, Mary and Joseph. And the Holy Son of God. Savior. Our spiritual family.

It started with a sparkling star over Bethlehem. A child who represented life, a blessing, a real part of our family.

Now. Always.

Let your Christmas be interrupted. By Jesus. All for Him.

© 2015 by Karen Friday, All rights reserved

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Elaine Gilbert says:

Knowing your joy and your heart- I think I will remember this one forever….
Your forever friend,

Joyce page says:

This is one of your best. I’m so excited to be a great grandmother.

karentfriday says:

Mom, thanks! Yes, excited, too! Looking forward to a baby coming and celebrating the Son who has already come. The Savior of the world! Merry Christmas!

karentfriday says:

Thanks forever friend. 🙂 Babies & Jesus. A treasure sparkling with life touched by heavenly moments. Celebrating baby Clark and Christ!

Debra S says:

My son, who turned 25 this year, was born in December. I remember crying so hard in Church every week, before and after he was born. I connected with Jesus’s mother. I knew that tug on heart string every-time you hear their cries. I could imagine her joy at being a mother. And then I cried for what her child went through for us. Mary, did you know? became my favorite song. Wishing all the joy of this Christmas birthday celebration and the one to come in February.

karentfriday says:

Debra, thank you so much for sharing a part of your story. Your words are very heart-felt and warm. Yes, we plan to celebrate big now through February and beyond. Joy to the world, a Savior has come! Merry CHRISTmas!

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