Waiting for Hope to Show up and Show up Big

Waiting for Hope to Show up and Show up BigPeeking through the curtain, I scanned the audience and hoped my entire family would show up.

I’d landed my first high-school role in the broadway musical, South Pacific. Thankfully, my character as the island girl, Liat, called for more speaking parts than singing—not my strong suit.

With sweaty palms and a rush of adrenaline, I checked the seats again.

And if my people show up, would I make them proud when I took my final bow?

From side stage during the first scene, my gaze spotted them through the blinding light. All my loved ones occupied the entire third row. They’re here, now break a leg.

Show up for Front-row Seats

I found my groove and remembered my few lines with no blunders. But my glory days as an actress ended soon after.

History also recounts a glory day when hope showed up…big.

Over 2000 years ago, God set the stage for a story of hope to unfold.

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The Only Satisfaction 100% Guaranteed

The Only Satisfaction 100% Guaranteed, Adobe Spark Image“We guarantee complete satisfaction.”

I always thought I knew what brought satisfaction in life. More money and resources to accomplish a dream. Like-minded people on my team. A near-perfect marriage and kids.

And a career I enjoyed on any day. Also, for the good parts of life to outweigh the bad—really tip the scale.

Satisfaction 100% Guaranteed?

Here’s the truth. I was wrong on every account. When a wish came true, I only moved on to the next one.

But nothing stayed around for long. None of the ways I tried to conquer my felt-based needs brought long-lasting satisfaction. No so-called guarantees kept up their end of the bargain.

Still, what ushers in a well-spring of satisfaction deep in my soul? What in the world feeds the human soul’s hunger and quenches our spirit’s thirst?

I discovered nothing in the world satisfies long-term. Oh, the god of this world, Satan, promises to satisfy us with many enticing offers. So, let’s look at…

4 False Hopes of Satisfaction 

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Top 10 Countdown of Reasons to Choose Team Jesus 

Top 10 Countdown of Reasons to Choose Team Jesus, Adobe Spark designWe live in a time of ample opportunity for choosing a team to represent. Sports and reality shows afford us a team choice.

But life also boils down to teams on spiritual matters.

Yet, we hold the decision to pick the world’s team or God’s team, to stay loyal to Jesus or other gods.

Choose Team Jesus

10) Jesus wrote the playbook. In Christ dwells truth and knowledge of all things.

This makes Jesus best suited to call all the plays in my life. “For in him we live and move and have our being” Acts 17:28 a, ESV.

Aligning my every move with #Jesus becomes a game changer. #teamJesus Click To Tweet

9) Jesus embodies perfection. Whether in sports, music, talents, or career, the old adage says, “Practice makes perfect.” But practice never made anyone perfect, only better. The bottom line?

Nobody bats a thousand except Jesus. His ways and Word are perfect (see Psalm 18:30).

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Jesus Unedited in an Over Edited World

Jesus Unedited in an Over Edited World, Adobe Spark imageLook around. It’s happening right before our eyes. Listen up. It’s within earshot. Jesus is edited out of nearly every nook and cranny of our world.

Deemed bold, opinionated, and creative in many aspects of life, I gladly wear the labels for my passions. Speaking events give me opportunities to talk about Jesus. And writing in the non-fiction Christian genre, I pen the name of Christ on the page and screen.

Sometimes the creative juices flow, letting the words spill out as I type and take dictation from God and my soul. However, a great writer must also become a student of another class, Editing 101.

Edit. Revise. Cut. Delete. Modify.

Yet, I find it difficult to let go of words I want to keep. Learning when and how much to hit the delete button. Knowing which sentences to rephrase, and what paragraphs to move and where to place them. And deciphering how to arrange everything in a succinct way—reminiscent of rocket science. Seriously, I believe it’s a spot-on analogy.

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Loving Jesus: No Bells and Whistles

Loving Jesus: No Bells and Whistles, Adobe Spark ImageCan we fall in love with Jesus—no bells and whistles?

I love you.

When we say it to anyone, there’s no bells and whistles in the phrase per se.

Yet if we read between the lines through our personal lens about love, we often hear ringing and shrieking.

Sure, computers, electronic gadgets, appliances, and new cars glisten with added enhancements.

Retailers have the bells and whistles to match our wishes and wallets.

But when it comes to love…

Love plus fancy features doesn’t mean more love, but less of #love in its purest form. #Jesus Click To Tweet

Who Needs Bells and Whistles?

I was grown with children of my own the first time my biological father said, “I love you.” The telephone conversation is forever etched in my memory.

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12 Scriptures to Personalize with Names and Pray

12 Scriptures to Personalize with Names and Pray, Adobe Spark ImageTry this at home. Here’s one feat I encourage every believer to attempt. Insert your name and the names of loved ones into Scripture.

Then pray the words back to God and see what happens.

Recently, I recognized the seventh anniversary of my father leaving this earth in a social media post. In the write-up, I mentioned the years my dad spent as an atheist.

When I met Christ at sixteen, I started praying for my dad. Prayers for him to believe in the heavenly Father.

And God answered my prayers sixteen years later when my dad gave his life to the Lord.

Inserting Names into Bible Verses

But in the middle of the long process, my faith often waned. I struggled to believe my dad would ever become a Christ-follower.

Needing help with my own unbelief, I began to insert my dad’s name into Scripture. Then I prayed it out loud and back to God. While I may not know for sure, I think it played a part in my dad’s salvation.

Yet, I know this.

There’s power in #prayer. And we move mountains in the #spiritual world with the truth of God’s Word. Click To Tweet

Also, this practice acquaints us with Scripture and aids in its memorization.

Names of Loved Ones and Yours

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Something New or Same Old Song and Dance for 2018?

Something New or Same Old Song and Dance for 2018?, image by Adobe SparkA new calendar year began just days ago. Hello, 2018. Welcome! But will it be new or the same old song and dance?

Birthed in the music industry, “Same Old Song and Dance” is an actual song. And the phrase became known to portray how music lovers want to hear fresh songs. Yes, we may love our oldies, but everyone needs new.

My grandson, Foster, loves to sing and dance. Mind you, his singing only includes words here and there, and mostly consists of sounds mimicking the tune.

When the year begins, I have friends who pick one word to focus on for the entire year. Also, I know others who choose a Bible verse as a focal Scripture from January to December. I do neither.

However, on Monday this week, I repeatedly used the phrase, “Happy New Year!” Then the Lord spoke to me about that second word. So I’m choosing to let the go of the old along with 2017, and usher in its opposite.

Choosing New 

We may set wonderful goals and resolutions. And those are fine. But, we often try to control the real success or benchmarks of our intentions.

Still further, we strive to manipulate the outcome of our circumstances and perhaps the people in our lives. Even our Christian walk and full obedience to God may become things to control.

You see, in the midst of not meeting our goals or not keeping our resolutions, we revert to old habits.

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Rescued Misfits and Life After Christmas

Rescued Misfits and Life After Christmas, Adobe Spark imageThe hoopla of Christmas is over.

A celebration’s end often leaves us falling off the edge of a holiday high.

Do you know the feeling? Days spent in hustle and bustle. Gifts chosen and wrapped. Food prepared and devoured. Decorations glittered and dazzled.

Like a cup of tea, family gatherings filled us to the brim with glee.

But the celebrating, the hope-infused wishes, and the giving don’t have to go away. The true meaning of the Christmas story continues on to eternity.

I love stories—heart-felt stories, Christmas stories, both make-believe and real. Storylines stirring our long-awaited dreams.

So I’m a fan of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. Because in the core message we find rescued misfits.

The book and movie’s storyline melts the heart of every boy and girl. Still further, adults escape the real world of heartache for moments of happy endings and “hoorays!”

Misfits Wanted, Therefore Chosen

Rudolph’s the poster-child for reindeer misfits.

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Christmas Baby: A Holy Night for a Holy Knight

Christmas Baby: A Holy Night for a Holy Knight, Adobe Spark imageThe first Christmas was a silent and holy night.

I’m familiar with silent nights, they track me down and schedule dates on my calendar. Because I lose my voice about once a year, unable to squeak out a single word.

Laryngitis sets up residence in my vocal cords. But it’s never a good time.

A few years ago, silence struck with a job interview the next day.

And it happened recently with three speaking events coming up, the first in only three short days. Still, I was rendered silent against my will. My voice takes short vacations without even asking me for permission to leave. The nerve!

Silent Night

Late into silent nights, I try every known home remedy. I sip on herbal tea with honey and fresh lemon. Under the canopy of a bath towel, my face hovers over steam rising up from the sink. Also, I pop throat drops in copious amounts.

It’s no secret, I’m fond of talking. Me and words are BFF’S. “Verbose” should be inscribed on my forehead or near my mouth. Rest assured of my family’s reaction to periods of silence: “Praise God!”

Yet, words in considerable number usually adhere to my wishes whenever I need them. But on silent nights, words fail me.

Have you ever fallen silent, unable to speak? Or, maybe something or someone left you speechless.

Holy Knight

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Free Worldwide Delivery: Letter From Santa Vs. God 

Free Worldwide Delivery: Letter From Santa Vs. God, Adobe SparkA letter from Santa keeps the Christmas magic alive!

Scrolling through email, a subject line caught my attention. “Great Christmas Gift Idea: Letters from Santa.” It piqued my interest enough to take a further look.

Instead of our kiddos writing out a wish-list for Santa, then begging us to make sure it arrives at the North Pole before Christmas, Santa sends a personalized letter to our children.

The company’s website, complete with sample ideas and pictures, promises an authentic-looking letter from Santa. It arrives at our front door in an envelope stamped from the North Pole.

So, we send the company whatever information we choose, but they suggest: name, age, relatives, name of best friend, hometown, etc. And a parent can add special achievements, acts of kindness, or good behavior for Santa to mention. I guess a confirmation the child made Santa’s Nice List.

The site assures this gift will keep the magic alive for Christmas.

Yet, this gift idea caused me to reflect. As God’s child, I hope to keep Christmas alive in another way.

Letter Stamped From Heavenly Places

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