Giving Jesus to Pakistan for Christmas

ChristmasA Christmas message of hope.

“Sister, Karen. I want to tell you that three women knock on my door. They say to me, ‘Asher, sorry to disturb you, sorry we wait all night to talk to you.'”

You see, with excitement, I’d accepted the opportunity to share a Christmas message and the good news of the gospel. I jumped at the chance to talk about my Lord.

Still, this wasn’t my usual speaker gig. But a Skype Conference to a group of women in Pakistan.

Wow! How cool is that? The ability, through technology, to go to the other side of the world…to go into all the world (Mark 16:15).

My Facebook friend, Asher, ministers in several cities and villages of Pakistan. He carries a heavy heart for the women and children, especially orphans and widows.

The rural areas are poor. The majority do not speak English. And the most astonishing spiritual fact? Pakistan’s only 3-4 % Christianity with the rest of the country steeped in Muslim beliefs. Even among the believers, few have Bibles.

Recently, the Lord stirred a word in my spirit. A timely message for me and for the women of Pakistan.

Below is the message Asher translated as I spoke. He asked that I speak in short, simple sentences and phrases. Friends and family prayed for our time. The Lord heard the cries of His people as we did not experience any technology glitches. But the Spirit moved in powerful ways.

The Christ of Christmas

To have a real Merry Christmas with joy, we must know the Christ of Christmas. Christmas, courtesy of Asher Mehmood, text by Adobe Spark

Prophecy told of a Savior who would come to earth.

Isaiah 9:6, “For to us a child is born, to us a son is given; and the government shall be upon his shoulder, and his name shall be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace” (ESV).

  1. Jesus came from the glory of heaven. The Bible tells us Jesus was born of the virgin Mary in Bethlehem. He was born in a lowly stable for animals, not a palace for a king.
  2. Jesus grew in stature and in wisdom with God, His Father. As a man, He spoke of the kingdom of God. He performed many miracles of healing, walking on water, and casting out evil spirits. Many people believed in Him. They said, This is the Christ. The Son of God. Immanuel means, God with us.
  3. Jesus went to the cross where He died for us. He was innocent, never did anything wrong, but He died as a sacrifice for our sins. Sins—when we do things wrong and don’t believe in God. The blood of Jesus spilled out so we can have eternal life in heaven.
  4. Jesus was placed in a tomb, a grave, but three days later He rose from the dead. The resurrection. Over 500 men and women witnessed talking to Jesus and seeing Jesus come back to life. Then His followers watched Jesus go back to the glory of heaven.

ChristmasA Merry Christ-mas

“Merry” means joyful. Here’s the joy we celebrate at Christmas.

Jesus came from the glory of heaven

to the manger, born in a stable.

To Calvary’s cross where He died.

Then, to a tomb that couldn’t hold Him.

Raised to life again,

Jesus ascended back to heaven’s glory.

Oh, what a Savior!

That is the good news. The gospel message. Christ came to die for us so we could live eternally with Him. In John 14:6, Jesus said, “I am the way, the truth, and the life, no one comes to the father except through me.”

Do you know the Savior? Do you know the Christ of Christ-mas?

In Him is eternal life. He wants you to follow Him, to accept Him into your heart as Lord. He came to rescue you, to save you. Let’s pray.

Christmas, courtesy of Asher Mehmood, text by Adobe SparkFirst, women stood who wanted prayer for healing. Then, I closed with the prayer of salvation.

Outpouring of the Holy Spirit

One lady testified she was healed of a physical ailment with her arm. And spiritual healing also took place. Back to my opening quote. The three women who waited all night to talk to Asher continued. “We accepted Jesus when sister Karen shared the Word of God with us. We want to be baptized. Asher, can you help us learn more about Jesus? We want to see sister Karen again and she preach again.”

Yes, my heart is full.

There are plans for more Skype meetings. Many small ones with women, and with the children. Asher’s vision is for a gathering of 1,500 in the rural areas to hear the gospel message. Hallelujah! Glory to God!

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© 2016 by Karen Friday, All rights reserved

*Photos are from the Skype meeting and courtesy of Asher Mehmood. Text on images, courtesy of Adobe Spark.


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Nan Jones says:

Karen!!!!!!!! This is absolutely wonderful. What a blessing you are to the Body of Christ. Thank you for sharing this experience with us. Christmas hugs, Nan

Karen says:

Thanks so much, Nan! I was so humbled and honored to be chosen to share the gospel with these ladies! And I’m in complete awe of Jesus and His amazing grace. Christmas hugs to you!

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