God Picked the Crayon


photoA coloring book story.

The choice of crayon colors is vast. Sky blue, aqua blue, navy blue…which blue do I choose? True green, lime green, yellow green, and green yellow. Yellow with green added and green with yellow added? I’m not a crayon connoisseur.

I’m not an artist by any stretch of the imagination. My stick figures don’t even look right. The art of coloring gives un-artsy people a way to add individual flare to a picture an artist has beautifully drawn. Our coloring style.

Me and my daughter, Megan, are fond of coloring. A fondness starting when we were both little girls. We colored together during her younger years, teen and college days, and we love coloring today.

As she grew older, Megan became protective of her coloring hobby. When children were visiting our home, Megan had a separate stack of coloring books and crayons the kids were allowed to use. Not her good ones. She didn’t want any of her artwork destroyed and there was the dreaded, “Uh oh, the crayon broke.”

We signed our name to completed pictures. “By Mom” was my standard signature until Megan married. Now, I sign my actual name. Dating each finished masterpiece with month/day/year became a tradition. We still admire our handiwork as we are flipping through books during a new coloring session.

They bear who and when information.

We just celebrated Megan’s twenty-seventh birthday. “Dad and Mom” gave her money in a card. The coloring parent—alias, “By Mom”—gave her a coloring book with a few crayons attached.

God chose crayons. His glorious artwork is seen in creation. Blue sky, aqua blue oceans, sunsets of pink and orange, green grass, and all the primary colors he wanted in a rainbow. He chose. And He colored me and you. Just exactly as He fancied. No scribble—maybe coloring outside the lines for some of us—but always a finished picture of the colors He desired to capture. Exactly. And perfectly to His liking.

We’re a coloring book story. God chose the crayons. We bear who and when information. Month/day/year…our birthdate. And the artist name, “By God.” We are never removed from His coloring book, but proudly nestled inside the pages as a testimony of His grand handiwork.

He chose the crayon for our eyes. Genetics and science behind eye color is fascinating. What actually takes place to end up with brown eyes, and particularly blue or green eyes, is detailed and intricate.

This is where science and creation are on the same coloring page. Science provides a formal explanation to God’s creation process. Science points to creation, because the Lord picked the crayons. Not only for eye color, but skin color and hair color—yes, that one is easily changed. I don’t think the Lord minds if we pick a different crayon for our hair. Just so we are grateful for the original who and when information. Comfortable with the crayon choices.

Surely it must make the Lord’s heart ache when we are not happy with a particular crayon He chose for us. When we complain about the overall artist design. If you are comfortable in your unique design, really comfortable, bravo! For many of us, there has been some point and time we struggled to celebrate the concept that God chose the crayon.

There will always be someone, who we surmise, is a better likeness by the original artist. People, who in our eyes, are that perfect shade of blue, or green, or brown, or tan.

Freckles, dark skin, light skin, dark eyes or light eyes. Maybe, we would have picked a different crayon, but we aren’t God. We are not a cheap replica. We are the real deal. The original work of the famous artist, God. He will never have to sign a piece of His work with, “By God, but I’m not an artist in any stretch of the imagination.” 

He doesn’t worry about broken crayons or having a separate stack of coloring books for amateurs. He’s God. There is no competition in His art world. He’s the master artist.

We are likely messed up or scribbled on from life. God only concerns Himself with the original pieces of art…with the original signature. His.

“For we are God’s masterpiece…” Ephesians 2:10

God picked the crayon.

© 2014 by Karen Friday

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I really enjoyed this! It lets us get an intimate look at your life and puts God’s word in perspective that we can relate and see the simplicity of it. May God continue to bless you in expressing His word to us.

karentfriday says:

Tammy, thank you for your continued encouraging words. You are a very special lady indeed. Glad to have your beautiful coloring page in my life! 🙂

Mike says:

This is great! So much theology implied throughout. I’m very proud of you Karen please keep writing for the Kingdom!!!!

karentfriday says:

Thank you Mike. Glad to make you proud-being my pastor & husband after all! 🙂 🙂 makes it more special.

Diana Gibson says:

Beautiful , thank you for reminding me that we are God’s masterpiece! I love your blog!

karentfriday says:

Diana, your kind encouragement confirms God’s handiwork in both or our lives. Thankful for you, as one of God’s testimonies of grand artwork!

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