Is God Real and Does He Love Me? My Story.

GodLet the redeemed of God tell their story. (See Psalm 107:2)

As long as I can remember, I’ve been a lover of words. It’s true in speaking. So, I entered my first oratorical contest in the fourth grade. Yes, way back. I went on to thrive in high school speech class.

Then and now, I love moving an audience to emotion. Tears. Laughter. Surprise. Deep reflection. It’s a passion for me. (Check out my blog’s speaking events page.)

During a few college semesters, I did some soul-searching for the right field of study. Still, communications rose to the top and became my major and degree.

The rest is history. “Communicator” is stamped across my forehead. Have you noticed?

Yet, there’s more heart-stirring love for words. In 2014, I embarked on a writing journey. Pen to paper. Keyboard to computer. Words to readers. The power of story.

But when I discovered real love. And when I found my voice to tell my story. Then, words held power. Because they came from a powerful source.

Is God Real? My Story.

Everyone has a story to tell. There were two things I questioned as a child:

Is God real?

Am I lovable?

Soon, it will be a year since I wrote the script for my storyline video. And my husband Mike, filmed, edited, and polished the clip. Still, the emotions of tears, laughter, surprise, and deep reflection are present. It’s just as true with these moving images for my audience and for me.

Watch the video that’s been viewed over 8,100 times on Facebook or the YouTube version below to discover the answers to my questions.

There is power in story.


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Joyce Page says:

Very good article. You are a great writer my daughter. I remember those double bottles, diapers but I was honored to be the mother of a set of beautiful twins who I had in church every Sunday from the time you were born. I always loved you and your sister and still do. Keep up the good work and the faith. I love you. Mom!

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