Honest to Goodness!

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Honestly, it’s hard to be honest about honesty!

Honesty is a hard commodity to find these days. Maybe that’s the problem, we are looking for a commodity—a product of sorts. Honesty is a character trait. Something we consumers can’t buy no matter what the price. People can be bought—but that isn’t honest—is it?

It seems honesty isn’t important anymore. In our world at large. In society. In the communities where we live, work, worship, and play.

Trying to find honesty as if something has been hidden from us—truth and sincerity. We are looking and calling, “Come out, come out wherever you are!” We look underneath—the dotted line. On top—to those in positions of leadership. Behind—the doors of opportunity and relationship. Honesty can only be found in—in people.

“Honest to God.” That’s the truth. Honesty is from the very character of God. It’s the only reason honesty can be found in us. The goodness of God, found in Christ, then imparted to us and in us.

“Honest to goodness.” That’s the truth. A goodness not typically found at the core of who we are—who we really are—the sincerity of our heart. It is found at the core of who God is—he is loving, kind, merciful, compassionate, good, and full of justice. And who God is—is something I want to imitate in this world.

Honesty is more than not being dishonest—lying, cheating, stealing, or misleading. It’s the integrity of finding those attributes unacceptable. As simple as, “who ate the last donut?” “Not me!” (with glazed icing stuck to the corner of my mouth). To grow in honesty until it is attractive to us…and on us…and in us. More attractive than Pinocchio’s nose.

When being honest becomes more crucial than the advantage of doing it the underhanded way—just to get ahead, to win at all costs, to move on in the class or to pass, or to get the position we’ve always wanted. Saying whatever it takes to get this person off the phone, to get someone off my case, or a quick fix to smooth things over.

Several years ago, I had to complete a personality test for a job interview. Often tricky multiple choice, which I never liked in school, and the use of words to manipulate certain answers.

I’m analytical by nature and tend to overthink things. With the question, “Is it okay to take a company ink pen or notepad home from the office?” That’s easy. I automatically mark “no” or “never,” they want to know my attitude on taking things that don’t belong to me. The honesty factor. However, when the statement read, “If given the opportunity, most Americans will cheat on their income tax.” You have got to be kidding? It stumped me. I went with my first reaction—an unashamed, proud, and patriotic answer of “no” (of course not!). Sad to say, many of my friends suggested that may have been the wrong answer. This is disturbing to me. And I hope to all of us.

What happened to the quality to be truthful and full of truth? Desiring fairness. Owning honesty—not just another thing to go on our pile of stuff. A use of the term commodity meaning something that is valued.

Honesty is a highly valuable possession that can’t be purchased with monetary means. It’s the means to a high standing with men and right standing with God.

Truthfulness is best exercised when tempered with love and a caring attitude. Truth—at all costs—even wounding by relaying in a demeaning, ill-will, non-respectful attitude, sheds light on whether we are people of integrity. Integrity says, “truth matters, but so do you.”  

Honesty is a character trait rooted in honor and humility. If we are honorable, we’ll be honest. If we possess humility, chances are great we will possess an honest character.

Humbleness breeds honesty. Haughtiness gives birth to dishonesty.

“A dishonest man spreads strife….” Proverbs 16:28

“Pray for us, for we are sure that we have a clear conscience, desiring to act honorably in all things.” Hebrews 13:18

An honest evaluation: let’s be honest. Really. Honest. A people of integrity…and honesty. In Christ…it’s really us!

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Joyce m Page says:

Very good article about honesty. In fact it’s excellent.! It came to me for a reason. I have. a friend that lies and chests. I pased this on to the person and pray it will have an pact on him. Thank you Girl Friday!!

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