Spotlight Surrender


© 2014 by Karen Friday

The beaming light was blinding. Illuminating me to the audience, but keeping me from seeing them.

Funny thing about spotlights—they are spots of light. Lighting a spot for one. The one in the spot at the time. Only so much presence can fit into a beam of light.

It’s likely we have desired to be in the presence of a person we admire or who is famous. Attending an event or performance, having our picture taken with the person, or backstage passes—as one of their fans—giving us a momentary glimpse of them. What they are like in person—up close.

Up close and personal. The platform I desire for my ministry in speaking and writing. Momentary glimpses of me through my audible voice and my writing voice—in words penned and shared.

Words illuminating who I am—no one famous—my life experiences, blessings, hardships, dreams, and callings. Callings from God to spotlight his name. Writing and speaking about one who is preeminent.

The spotlight for one who is renowned—platforms are normally equipped with spotlights. Is the spotlight on God or me? You see, I asked God to do me a favor—give me his favor.

“Favor Lord. Yes, favor! Your favor! I would really like to have it. Your granting of approval for me and my callings. Your favor for—and over—Girl Friday. You asked me to speak and write, now please bless it—with mounds and heaps of your favor—it’s for your fame.”

God has no need to ask for favors, however he asks for glory. God is sovereign and already famous. He will receive the glory due him, but will it be in me?

If I can’t lay down my own glory, he will never get his.

I can steal the glory from God in my life and service to him—he alone deserves. Is my platform placing him on the platform? If I want the Lord to be glorified through me, and others to sense I have been with Jesus, then favor will follow the spotlight of his presence. It may not be favor in the way I imagined, though it will be the favor I need.

When we center attention on God, his glory moves into the foreground—becoming more visible—making his favor more visible.

The path to godly favor is lit through the brilliant light of God’s glory.

If I want a favorable review of my writing and speaking—I want it to be by the Lord of the universe. I want my words to be in some way—about Jesus, point to him, bring others to him, and promote his glory above all else…for he is above all else. He’s above Girl Friday and my platform.

Once we take center stage, steal the spotlight to shine on us, and want the applause for us—God’s glory departs and his favor leaves with it.

God’s favor follows after God’s glory.

We can live as favored sons and daughters of the magnificent. This truth is highlighted throughout scripture. Seen in God’s chosen people, the Israelites, who were already favored by God, yet forfeited his favor by giving his rightful glory to other gods or themselves—the other, “other” god.

When I rob God of his glory, I am glorifying “me.” And “me” is always another god and an unfavorable place for me to be. I forfeit the favor I wanted in the first place—God’s.

“I am the LORD; that is my name; my glory I give to no other, nor my praise to carved idols.” Isaiah 42:8

The spotlight of glory illuminates me to the audience, but keeps them—and me—from seeing him. It’s blinding.

“Not to us, O LORD, not to us, but to your name give glory, for the sake of your steadfast love and your faithfulness!” Psalm 115:1

The path to human favor is lit through the dim light of human glory. While human favor can be glorious, it is a small glimmer of light that quickly fades—holding no eternal value. One day, earth’s glory will give way to heaven’s glory. The glory of heaven—Jesus, the crucified and risen savior…

The glorious spotlight on a God of glory.

Writer’s note: In late June, I submitted my first article to a Christian magazine. I prayed, asking friends and family to pray for God’s favor. While there is nothing wrong with asking for God’s favor, the added dimension of his glory makes it all the more favorable. I have since submitted two additional articles for future publications to the same magazine and haven’t heard a word on any of the three. Now, I ask friends and family to pray for favor and God’s glory. On a final note, three devotions I submitted to an online Christian devotional site have been accepted for posting between October and February. God’s favor and glory!

“God, I ask for your glorious favor over my writing—pointing the editor, publisher, and readers to you alone. Your favor and your glory! Amen.” ~ A prayer by Girl Friday

UPDATE 11/1/14: The article I submitted in June 2014 was published in WHOA Women Magazine, Fall 2014 edition, Where’s the Gravy, in the ‘Soul & Spirit’ section,  www.whoawomen.com Grateful for God’s favor and pray for his glory to be shown in this writing.

Additional devotions have been accepted by a devotional site online, this was first, ‘Do the Math-God’s Comfort Equation,’ read here. Christian Devotions.


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karentfriday says:

Thank you Dianne. You are the best mentor a “girl” can have in writing and so many areas of Christian life. 🙂

another AWESOME write!! As God continues to poor His favor over you in order for His word to be heard through your experiences in life and your ‘Girl’ Friday continues to expand and grow in leaps and bounds, save me a seat on the front row because you, my friend, will be as well known as Joyce Mayer or Beth Moore.

karentfriday says:

Oh my goodness! Tammy, you definitely have the gift of encouragement. Thank you, I need to carry you around in my pocket for when the enemy is whispering negativity in my ear. Good thing the Lord’s whispers are much louder and drown out the murmurings of our opponent. “Therefore encourage one another and build one another up, just as you are doing.” I Thessalonians 5:11 And this my friend is “just what you are doing.” and I am so grateful for it.

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