The Epic Power of Blood

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It was a double-stick kind of day. I’m not talking about double-sided sticky tape.

A needle stick to draw blood in each arm. Right arm in the morning, left arm in the afternoon.

Yes, me. The one they have difficulty getting veins to ‘show up’ for the procedure. “Itty bitty veins” (that’s a direct quote from the lab tech). Normally, it’s an epic fail to get to a vein the first try or two.

A visit to the doctor for a yearly exam and blood panel—three vials full. I’m not sure on the amount because I am looking the other way or have my eyes closed.

Ordinarily, results take a few days. Not today. The nurse called me a few hours later with labs. “Everything looks normal except your potassium level” (wait, did she say except?). The last two years my blood work has been great. Last year, the nurse even wrote “excellent” in red pen on the lab papers. Like a teacher giving a grade—my blood was excellent! 

The doctor explained my potassium level came back abnormally high. Low levels can affect your heart rhythm, but high levels are not without concerns.

Medications for certain conditions can be the culprit, none of which I have. The problem may be a lab error my doctor explained, “You need to come back in to have it rechecked.”

Another stick today? With my veins? I was not a happy camper. (And at least part of my blood was being labeled “abnormal” and without an excellent rating.)

You’ve heard of the crime scene. The lab scene . . .

Me: Sit down in chair, remove jacket stating “Do I look familiar? I was here this morning.”

Lab tech: “Let’s try to find a vein in your other arm, squeeze this roll of tape. Now pump your arm. Maybe I can use this little one right here.” Tapping and prodding for more popping up affect—epic score!—she gets it the first time!

Me: Only one vial of blood, I think. Remember, I am never positive.

Lab tech: “Sit there for a few minutes before you try to get up.”

Later in the evening, the on-call doctor, called me with the results. There was no error, potassium level is high. He reviewed my medical chart and did not see any reason to explain the elevated level. Possibly low hydration. “Your doctor will be calling you to discuss next steps. Bump up fluid intake until we figure it out. And you will have to have blood drawn again, to recheck, in the next day or two.”

This needle story took place today on Wednesday, 11/12/14, and it will post before I have any further medical advice. I am anxious, yet I put my blood under a powerful blood that was poured out for me. An epic moment in time.

this is my blood of the covenant, which is poured out for many for the forgiveness of sins.” Matthew 26:28

A blood that flowed through Immanuel’s veins and was spilled-out on a cross. It cleanses my sins, gives me new life, and a new heart (I had triple by-pass from the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit). I was redeemed by this blood, set free by this blood, and adopted into God’s family by this blood.

The blood of Jesus will never loose its power!

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