To Whine or Not to Whine

IMG_4426Big-T, our pug, has plenty of dog toys. Although he has to share them with the other family dog, Sadie, a dachshund. Plenty.

The toys pictured are “Mom’s.” Displayed in my bedroom window seat. Gifts from my husband Mike or brother James. Big-T jumps and whines desperately trying to reach the off-limit toys. “Please, can I have just one?” They are enticing.

In the corner of the same room is a pile of dog toys. Reachable. Purchased just for our two dogs. With the purpose to chew on, play with, and enjoy.

We all desire things we cannot have.

The more we focus our attention, fix our eyes on, and set our heart on, the more our desire grows. Desire cries out, “please, can I have it?” We whine about what we can’t have. What we think we need.

Big-T destroys. Chews. Rips things apart. I don’t want him to bring destruction upon my things. And he will—if he takes possession of them. Human desires, once we take possession, often bring destruction as well. Regret. Broken. Unsatisfied.

“Lord, help us to be satisfied from your hand. How you have made us. What you have given us. The things you have already blessed us with. Your special ‘treats’ for each of us. Give us the desires of your heart. What you desire for us. Help us exercise self-control. And be grateful. Not whining about ‘what if’ but satisfied with ‘what is’. Amen.”

“Those who belong to Christ Jesus have crucified the flesh with its passions and desires.” Galatians 5:24
© 2014 by Karen Friday

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