Jesus Unedited

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By Karen Friday

When we boldly proclaim the name of Jesus, we are storming the very gates of hell.

I’ve been deemed bold, opinionated, and creative in many aspects of life and ministry. Speaking has been a passion for decades, but I’ve only been writing for a year.

I can easily muster creativity in getting my thoughts down, letting the words flow as I type and take dictation from my soul. However, a great writer must become a student of another class—Editing 101.

Edit. Revise. Cut. Delete. Modify. I find it difficult to let go of words I want to keep. Learning when and how much to hit the delete button; knowing which sentences to rephrase and what paragraphs to move and where to place them; and deciphering how to arrange everything succinctly is comparable to rocket science. Seriously, I believe it’s a good analogy.

In films, books, articles, speeches, radio shows, and news reports—editing can be a very good thing. It polishes the silver for your guests (readers, listeners, or viewers) and puts the finishing touches on the painting (words or actions).

But editing can be overdone. It can kill the life and energy you first intended. The original meaning is lost amid flowery statements and fluffy words. Over-editing insists key people or components be removed from the story for more flavor and “throws the baby out with the bath water.”

Our world is over-edited. Freedom of speech is allowed as long as it can be edited to suit a show, message, headline, cover story, article or religion. (Is this resonating with anybody?)

A key person…the main component to my story and The Story of Life is edited right out of schools. He is deleted from sports events by forbidding prayers—in Jesus name. Live television interviews become awkward when the name of Jesus is mentioned. Re-broadcasts make cuts to be more politically correct.

We often participate in modifying Jesus in our conversations, relationships and workplace. It’s no longer difficult to let go of words we once wanted to keep—being careful not to offend anyone. Learning when and how much to hit the delete button about spiritual issues or we are considered Jesus freaks who shove Jesus down people’s throats (“Heaven forbid” they contact the ACLU). Knowing which sentences to rephrase for a softer and more acceptable message (even if we are compromising truth).

Polishing the silver and putting finishing touches on the painting so that “Jesus” never has to be mentioned. We claim he’s present—in our lives—but in an edited, revised version. We play the Jesus card when we need the full, unedited version.

The world system has passed with flying colors from Editing 101. Edit. Revise. Cut. Delete. Modify. Techniques performed on the gospel…on Jesus, the Son of God. As Christians and the church, we often jump on the Jesus-editing-bandwagon in subtle ways portraying our faith in a subdued light. Nothing about Jesus is subtle or subdued. His very essence is bold and meaningful—without changes.

Jesus unedited…

God in the flesh coming to earth, dying a sacrificial death on the cross for the sins of all mankind. Buried in a borrowed tomb, raised to life on the third day. He appeared to over 500 people (who I imagine gave an unedited account of seeing and listening to him). He ascended into heaven to sit at the right hand of the Father. He alone is sinless. He alone reigns as Lord. He is the way, the truth, and the life (John 14:6). Eternity is in his hands.

The world edits Jesus to kill the life and energy God first intended in His writings of the Scriptures. Don’t fall prey to editing the King of Glory. Our faith in the Lord and person of Jesus Christ should never lose its original meaning amid flowery statements and fluffy words.

I am bold, opinionated, and creative for Jesus. I want to be known as a hell-gate-stormer. I will never back down from writing and speaking about my Lord. The enemy better get accustomed to me, because I am not going anywhere. And while I will continue to be a student in editing class for good and purposeful writing, I refuse to edit Jesus in my life and words. Jesus in me is Jesus unedited. Period.

© 2015 by Karen Friday

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Denise Jenkins says:

This was great Karen! Keep up the good work!

karentfriday says:

Denise, Thank you friend. Jesus in me is the hope of glory. Colossians 1:27

karentfriday says:

Denise, Thank you! Jesus in me is Jesus unedited. Period. 🙂

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