The Sky’s Not The Limit

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Sunset from my back yard

By Karen Friday

“Oh, Mommy look! What a boot-ful sky.”

Mesmerized and Hypnotized

I’ve been dazzled by the sky since I was a little girl. My mother conveys how I noticed beauty as a childwhen I looked up. An enchantment that started long before I could enunciate the word beautiful.

My adoration of the sky has never wavered but, if anything, has grown. Sunsets and sunrises captivate my eye’s attention. A painter’s pallet of vivid orange and pink is an absolute favorite. Throw blues and purples in the mix and it’s hypnotizing.

William Shakespeare is noted as saying, “eyes are the windows to our souls”it has never been truer for me than during sky-moments.

Recently, I shared a sky-moment online. A sunset. I received this note from a friend, “I think it’s neat how you have always loved the sky. That is sweet. God was calling you to notice Him. I pray regularly for you to glorify Him with your writing.”

Noticing God 

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Sunset at The Band Perry Concert, Funfest

Scripture confirms God wants us to notice Him in creation and in the skies.

“The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands” Psalm 19:1 (NIV).

A declaration there is a God. He is on display in the heavens. The sky and all of creation demonstrate He is creator and master artist.

The Living Bible describes Psalm 19:1-3, “The heavens are telling the glory of God; they are a marvelous display of his craftsmanship. Day and night they keep on telling about God. Without a sound or word, silent in the skies, their message reaches out to all the world.”

Glorifying God

The heavens and skies are storytellers. They testify about the glory of God. I, too, am a passionate storyteller and my life is a testimony of God’s glory.

While I use words, the skies make silent proclamations. Day and night their message is to tell the world about God. He created them to display His glory continuously.

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Morning sky in Myrtle Beach, SC

Skies at dawn or dusk speak without words. Yet, their message is loud and clear, “We are the glorious handiwork of a magnificent being. We have a story to tell. Do you see it? We are telling you about God. He made us. He painted His glory on our canvas.”

I have a story to tell. Do you see it? I’m telling you about God. He made me. He painted His glory on the canvas of my life.

We were created to display His glory and tell His story. A message reaching out to the world.

In people-terms, the sky’s the limit refers to limitless possibilities. Eventually, there is always a limit for humans.

In God-terms, the sky’s not the limit. God has no limit. His love is infinite. His wisdom is immense. His power is immeasurable. His grace is inexhaustible. His goodness is interminable. His mercy is immeasurable.

God. Is. Limitless.

Sky-moments are intended to prompt Jesus-moments. God captivates me when I have no words to express His beauty. I’m enchanted by His glory, hypnotized by His majesty.

Image text courtesy of Canva.com

Sunset in Gatlinburg, TN

Prayer: Lord, I pray my adoration for you never wavers but, if anything, grows. Mesmerized by Jesus as the window to my soul. I want daily Jesus-moments. Help me to notice beauty as a child of God—when I look up. Day and night to keep on telling the world about You. Amen.

God’s calling you to notice Him. Your story is part of God’s bigger story. Do you see it? He painted His glory on you. He created you to display His glory continuously.

“Oh, Lord what a beautiful sky. What a beautiful You.”


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karentfriday says:

Thank you, Dianne. Prayers God continues to captivate us when we have no words to express His beauty…enchanted by His glory, hypnotized by His majesty.

Joyce Page says:

Wonderful article. I can remember as if it were yesterday that you loved the sky. Your love God is s is so intense and inspires people everywhere
by the writings you produce. Great work!

Joyce Page says:

Your weekly devotionals continue to inspire me and many others. The Sky’s not the Limitis by far the best yet. Proud of you daughter.

karentfriday says:

Thank you, Mom. Grateful God was calling me to notice Him. 🙂 I stand in awe of His glory.

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