A Culture of Me-isms

Image courtesy of Pixabay.com and Canva.comBy Karen Friday

Have we forgotten the world doesn’t revolve around me? It revolves around the sun and as God’s children—the Son.

On every street corner you’ll find me. Vying for the world to see me. To be noticed.

Can I Have Your Attention?

I wrote an article about being a Christian and the power of admitting me too in struggles.

While me too is part of being real and relating to others, our culture’s obsession with me is another ballgame entirely.

Whether it’s videos that went viral with dancing kids, humor tickling our funny bone, or articles with soul-touching words, online stuff is catching our attention like never before. (On a side note, dare I mention a recent saga involving red cups. I hope it goes away soon.)

For example, an attractive woman has hundreds of thousands of YouTube subscribers, Facebook fans, Twitter and Instagram followers. Within seconds of her post in a bathing suit or out on the town with friends, she receives thousands of likes. And it all started with a YouTube video about a cell phone bill. It’s true.

There’s the television reality shows where everyone wants to be chosen (I don’t care for the shows with drama, drama, drama). I enjoy the singing shows as a forum for really good musical talent. I seem to steer in the direction of pulling for the underdog and those who exude humility. Who aren’t strutting their stuff in a prideful and unflattering manner.

If I had them, would I want to undo tens of thousands of hits, likes or shares for a blog article or video to make a point that it isn’t about me? Absolutely not.

In fact, there isn’t a better way to reach the masses. Not today. Not in our world.

I Must Tell Image courtesy of Pixabay.com and Canva.com

I have a message—a voice and story I want to share with as many as possible. We should each find our voice and use it to tell our story.

I’m reminded of Peter and John after being arrested and talking about Jesus in Acts 4:20, “For we must tell what we have seen and heard.” (NLV)

It’s a human trait within us to have our dreams noticed. For goals and aspirations to resonate with others. Sure, it’s at different levels for each person.

For me, it’s my readers, my audience when I speak, those I minister along side of, and publishers.

Yet as a Christian, it is never about me. The world is not about me. Ministry is not about me. It’s about the One who said “follow me.”

If I lose sight of Christ, I’m not portraying the most eminent root of the term Christian.  I must constantly rein my heart back in. Consistently check my motives.

When you are wearing a flesh suit—as all of us are—it’s what we must do as Christ-followers.

God has called me to speak and write. I must tell of Him. Unquestionably, I want more blog followers, social media followers, and likes on my Facebook writer’s page (hint, the buttons and icons on the side bar will help you fulfill each of these).

But more so, I want the desire God placed within me to rise up and proclaim His name.

I want Jesus at the top of the stats page.

Image courtesy of Pixabay.comA God-thing

Our culture promotes self-promotion.

People trying to get their big break, be discovered and make a name for themselves. And there’s nothing wrong with that in it’s proper perspective. For believers…for me, it’s about the name of Jesus. His renown. His fame. Bringing others to know Him so He is known.

It’s a God-thing. The results are up to Him. I’m just obedient to the call.

He called me to it, He’ll have to do it.

Whatever it looks like, viral or not, I’ll rest in His plan.

Does it mean we stop using online venues to share our message? Quit being creative or innovative or a host of other ways to craft and promote our callings?

A resounding “no.” But it does mean we decide why we do what we do and who it’s about.

I would love to hear your comments. How do you find the balance between your flesh suit and letting God shine through?

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