Am I Lovable? A Storyline Video By Karen Girl Friday

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There were two things I questioned as a child:

Is God real?

Am I lovable?

Watch this video to discover my answers. There is power in story.

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September 10, 2015 at 9:35 am | Uncategorized

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[…] But the post on September 10, 2015 stands out to me. It’s part of the reason I started this blog community two years ago. You see, I believe in the power of story. So, I wrote a simple script that my husband helped me film on video: Am I Lovable? A Story Line Video by Karen ‘Girl’ Friday. […]

Rachel Lee says:

Karen, what a neat way of telling your testimony! And what a wonderful story of God’s love and redemption! This was beautiful. <3

Karen Friday says:

Thanks, Rachel. There’s so much power in story. Grateful for the healing and release in sharing it. And glad the Lord continues to write more chapters to our lives. Blessings!

Marijon says:

Wow Karen what a beautiful story! I absolutely loved watching it! Blessed beyond! Thank you for sharing! 🌸🦋

Karen says:

Thanks, Marijon. Crazy how simple leads to powerful. How our story leads to beautiful. And it’s all because of Jesus. So thankful that God IS real and oh, how He loves you and me! Blessings!

You blessed my heart Girl! Rock that story! it is so beautiful!

Karen says:

Thank you, Tiffany! It was very emotional to write the script and make the video several years ago. And it still moves me to watch it. I’m in awe the Lord chooses to redeem us then use us for His glory and purpose. I so appreciate you commenting! Blessings!

Sabrina says:

What an awesome testimony! I love this!

Karen says:

Sabrina, I appreciate your kind words! In the past, I didn’t think I had a powerful testimony. Seriously, I thought the Lord had to spare someone from drugs or from a life of crime to give them a powerful testimony. Then the Lord showed me that every grace story…every redemption story is powerful and awesome because it has Jesus written all over it from beginning to end. What grace! What glorious grace! Blessings sweet lady!

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