I Believe in God and I Believe in Miracles

Miracles, courtesy of Adobe Spark

I’m praying for nothing short of a miracle. No one is higher than the God we serve. 

I believe in miracles. So when my writer friend, Marla, asked me to pray for her family during a difficult time, I petitioned my Lord to do the impossible.

If we break down the word impossible. We humans are the “im”—as in, I’m a person with limited power and ability. But God’s the “possible.”

Because only a great and mighty God can make all things a possibility. And He can, you know, do anything.

Meetings With Jesus 

Here’s more of the note to Marla. Sorry to hear this devastating news. We believe He has the power and we believe in His sovereignty even if He chooses not to. He’s the giver of life, the CEO of the world, and applies the soothing balm of the Spirit to our hurts. 

Marla’s situation did not turn out as she’d hoped. Yet, the great and mighty Savior met her in her darkest hour.

Jesus meets us in the hoorays and in the hopeless parts of life. #believe Click To Tweet

Still, miracles take place in different forms and may not be visible to our natural eyes. It doesn’t mean our miracle didn’t come. But sometimes it didn’t happen the way we wanted.

Welcome to Life

Then, a week ago, one of my dearest friends, Kristi, underwent a routine surgery. While she should have gone home two days later, it turned into something none of her family or friends could have ever imagined.

Kristi experienced several complications and went through emergency surgery. Now, there’s been more surgeries.

As I type these words, Kristi remains in ICU on a ventilator. She needs a miracle.

I  Believe Miracles, courtesy of Adobe Spark

I believe in God. And I believe in miracles.

I pray to a God who is able and who performs miracles. I thank Him for His power and His sovereignty and His peace in the midst of any storm.

In the gospel of Mark, chapter 9, we read the story of a boy possessed with a spirit. The boy’s father brought him to Jesus. The spirit made the boy mute and deaf. And it tried to harm him by throwing him into water or fire.

Jesus spoke to the boy’s father. “‘If you can’! All things are possible for one who believes.” (Verse 23.)

The disciples had not been able to cast out the spirit. Still, this father knew if he found Jesus, the hope of all hopes, his boy would be made well again…whole.

Verse 24 notes his response to Jesus. “Immediately the father of the child cried out and said, ‘I believe; help my unbelief!’

And the story ends with a miracle of healing. Jesus rebukes the spirit and it leaves the boy. He’s restored to how he should be.

Miracles of Restoration

That’s what Jesus does for me and for you. He restores us to how we should be.

Miracles of:

  • Physical healing.
  • Emotional healing.
  • Spiritual restoration.

Spiritual miracles make us how we should be in Christ.

When Jesus touches your soul, He makes you new, whole, restored, and free. #believe Click To Tweet

Here’s the thing: I believe God has the power to perform any and all miracles, including the impossible, even if He chooses not to.

Not only do we believe in who God is and what God can do. But He wants us to believe that He knows best.

Yet we get hung up on what our plans involve. Or our will…our kingdom come.

Perhaps that’s why the boy’s father in Mark 9 believed. But then asked Jesus to help his unbelief. Maybe he wanted a full and running over belief in what Jesus could do and in who He was. Because there were plenty of people in that day who did not believe.

Miracles, Adobe SparkAnd there are plenty of people in our day who do not believe.

Prayer: Lord, thank You for daily miracles of breath and life and for grace. Thank You for the blood of Christ that washes away my sin and shame. God, I believe in You. I believe in Your power. I know You are able. I’m confident that You can do anything. And I trust Your ways and plans. In areas where my heart falters, help my unbelief. Amen.

Do you believe in miracles? Share in the comments below.

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Please pray for my friend, Kristi…for a miracle.

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Karen, The timing of this post is God’s for sure. It’s what I needed to read. A good friend has an aggressive form of breast cancer for the second time in a few years. Another sweet sister who is pregnant has cancer.
This morning our women’s Bible study will be praying over them. I will be singing the song Healer. I’m including the link here because it couples so well with what you’ve written.

Karen says:

Thank you, Beckie, for commenting. I will be praying for both of your friends. I pray for us that as believers, we always turn to the hope of all hopes, Jesus. Blessings. Love the song, thanks for sharing!

Crystal says:

Such a hope-filled post Karen! I wonder how many miracles have taken place that we just aren’t aware of. For those we are, what an amazing faith builder they should be. Thanks for this reminder and encouragement to look all around us and to believe.

Karen says:

Hi Crystal, thanks for stopping by and for reading and commenting. Yes, I pray the Lord would help any unbelief in my life. May we believe He has the power to do anything, even if He chooses not to. Lord, open our eyes to daily miracles of Your mercy and grace. Amen. Blessings!

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