Debunking: Happy, Healthy, Wealthy Mentality

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By Karen Girl Friday

Let’s make a deal … with God.

A mentality is floating around in many Christian and church circles. The Prosperity Theology. God wants me to be happy. And healthy. And if that isn’t enough—for most of us, it isn’t—God wants me to be prosperous. To have an over-abundance of goods and services.

Happy, Healthy, Wealthy. I only need to believe, ask, and God will do it.

Debunk #1: Believe

A lack of belief (faith) is keeping me from all God wants me to have.

There’s a popular Christian slogan, “God said it, I believe it, that settles it.” While I understand the awe-inspiring faith behind the statement, whatever God said (in the Bible) is settled regardless of whether I believe it. Scriptural truths are not up for dispute or reaching an agreement between me and God.

Can we settle out of court when it comes to spiritual things? Seeing how God is judge, jury, lawmaker, prosecutor, defender, and sole witness to creation and truth—it would be impossible.

I believe. In God. In Jesus. In the Spirit. In healing. In miracles. In prayer. In God’s power. In God’s provision. And I unquestionably believe God is sovereign. Whatever happens or doesn’t happen to me does not negate any of my beliefs.

Debunk #2: Ask 

We do not have because we do not ask (James 4: 2). Ask and it will be given to us (Matthew 7:7). The “ask for it” mentality. I need to ask God for a million dollars and so do you.

Furthermore, ask Him to make you a perfect picture of health and when you have His undivided attention, ask for happiness. I want to be happy, you want to be happy, all God’s children want to be happy!

When our prayers are answered exactly like we want, we can do away with hospitals, medical professionals, morticians, homeless networks, food distribution, and counselors. No needs. Paradise.

I see no need in the existence of the local church and pastors or pastor’s wives (that includes me).

James 4 clears up our “asking points,” we haven’t received because we haven’t asked—“because you ask wrongly, to spend it on your passions” (verse 3 ESV).

In Matthew 6 and 7, the asking is connected to seeking God and heavenly things. We are not to be anxious, God will provide our basic needs, to seek the things that matter most … spiritual things, and to give to those in need. Jesus teaches us to ask for; God’s kingdom on the earth, God’s will on earth, and our daily bread.

I ask. For peace, understanding, mercy, grace, love, forgiveness, healing, and basics in life.

Debunk #3: God will do it

Will God do it and will it be done my way?  Will He do these things for me or just for some? What kind of God would play favorites?

With the recent storms and flooding out west, catastrophes like the earthquake in Nepal, should we be mad at God? Or ask “where are you?”

If this mentality is true, then God needs to give every person their fair share. Shouldn’t the entire 7 billion people in the world be happy, healthy, and wealthy? I should think so!

Widows, orphans, homeless, and the poor and destitute. Each deserves a piece of the pie. My mama and teachers taught me to share and be fair. Why shouldn’t God?

We should be reminded there are other forces at work in the world. Evil, natural disasters, human will and choices. Each are out of our control.

God will do His Will. 

Does God want you to be happy, healthy and wealthy? 

Yes. Spiritually joyful with real inner peace no matter what circumstances you are facing. Happiness from the world is fickle. You can be healthy and wealthy in mind, spirit and soul from every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places in Jesus Christ (Ephesians 1:3).

God wants to be glorified in my life. But in His way not mine. It doesn’t mean I don’t pray. Never underestimate the urgency and power of prayer.

We march on in prayer and do our spiritual homework, confident the Lord wants His kingdom to come, His will to be done in our kingdoms.

I am rich in Christ!

© 2015 by Karen Friday

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So grateful to be rich in Christ, too!

karentfriday says:

Yes, Dianne! Blessed beyond measure with every spiritual blessing! Every one!

Tammy Kilgore says:

I wish everyone would read your blog/postings….so spot on all the time!

karentfriday says:

Thank you Tammy! Jesus work and word in me is always spot on! Grateful! And please share with others, encourage them to follow me and visit my site. I want to know Jesus more and make Him known. You are awesome, friend!

karentfriday says:

🙂 As I was typing the first response, you had already shared and encouraged others. Thank you!

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