I’m a Christian. I Mess Up. Me Too.

Sarah, a youth pastor's wife. Photo booth at ladies retreat.

Ladies retreat photo booth with Sarah, a youth pastor’s wife. “No More Pretending: Becoming Authentic….”

By Karen Friday

I raised my hand and announced, “Me too!”

Sugar and spice and everything nice had become my motto. Never been a fan of snakes and snails but fond of puppy dog tails. I think we should start a petition to move puppy dog tails to the girl’s list. Who’s with me?

Willingness to admit me too for a gamut of everything nice pleasures; pumpkin cheesecake ice cream, boots, books, chick-flicks, and chai tea latte. Do you like those things? Well, me too.

Me too never came easy for the tougher issues of life. I preferred to take the secretive route. No one needs to know.

Truth is, I’m a me too person in every way.

Why do I try to convince myself it is better not to speak up? Not to confess or admit weaknesses and vulnerabilities. I have weak spots. Sweet spots and not-so-sweet spots.

Real and Authentic

I started writing and blogging in 2014. Readers often comment, “Thanks for being real.” The Lord was revealing a powerful concept, “Karen, the words inscribed on your blog site—Real. Authentic. Soulful.—yes, those words. You can be that in writing, speaking, and mentoring. You can be real in life.”

I love to mentor. Relationships that are stronger when I acknowledge I mess up.

Abby and Jenny are two ladies I currently mentor

Abby and Jenny are two ladies I currently mentor

A few years ago, a young woman sat across the coffee shop table during one of our mentoring sessions.

She was struggling in her life and faith. I told her I understood, I have been in those places and still visit them. Her response was full of surprise, “Karen, not you?” I raised my hand right there in the coffee shop, “Yes, me too. Did you hear me? Me. Too.”

I’ve discovered the same is true as I speak at events. Almost anything that’s been true for you in the past or is a current struggle, weakness, or vulnerability, I’m a resounding me too.

Still not sinking in?

Do you struggle with your physical appearance? Me too.

Among other things, I’ve never thought I had curves in the right places. My inner voice a negative critic my whole life. “If only I was _________ (fill in the blank with a number of possibilities). The beauty when I said it out loud? There were many like me. Even people I thought couldn’t struggle with appearance, actually do.

Is there a temptation that wins over you more than you would like to admit? Me too.

I’ve fallen prey to gossip and judging. I should have prayed for the person or approached privately to discuss the issue. But I joined a let’s bash her party. We each have vulnerabilities. The details may be different, yet the underlying root is the same. I’m human. I struggle. I fail. I’m broken.

Do you struggle with faith issues? Me too.

Sometimes I’m frustrated with God. I wonder why He allows a circumstance in my life. In the world. I sat in a numb state with a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach as a recent college shooting unfolded. When the details came forth that the shooter was asking victims if they were Christians, it was eerie.

Ladies retreat planning team; Melanie, worship/chalk artist; Ladies monthly event, "Me too."

Ladies retreat planning team; Melanie, worship/chalk artist; Ladies monthly event, “Me too”

This hit home that we are not untouched by evil men’s hearts. God gives everyone free will of choice to serve Him. Even though it’s fearful, I could never deny my Lord. I hope I could raise my hand and say…

“Hey, me too. I’m a Christian. Did you hear me? Me too.”

The Lord claims me, “Indeed, I have inscribed [a picture of] you on the palms of My hands.” (Isaiah 49:16 AMP.)

There are other struggles; insecurities of being good enough and jealousy (I’ve been real about these too, read here: Thriving Member of Jealous Anonymous). Time and space will not allow us to discuss every issue. Just know this: Me. Too.

You too? Do you find it freeing to be real? Leave a comment. A simple “me too” or more.


Would this topic be of interest? No More Pretending: Becoming Authentic Women in Christ.

Three powerful me statements:

  1. I’m not the me _________.
  2. I’m not the me _________.
  3. I’m the real me _________.

Would you like to know what goes in the blanks? That’s easy. Book your event. Watch this video and contact me for more information and references from women who attended an event. (Warning: strong southern twang.)  

© 2015 by Karen Friday, All rights reserved

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Tammy Kilgore says:

Me Too!!

karentfriday says:

Thanks Tammy! I’m a “me too” girl in every way-especially in loving Jesus! Yay! Me too! 🙂

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Lori Schumaker of Seaching for Moments says:

Hi Karen, I, for sure, mess up … ALOT! If only we could all be real with each other and push the insecurities aside. Great topic!
Blessings and smiles,

karentfriday says:

Thank you, Lori for stopping by and commenting. Yes, much power in two words, “me too.” Thankful for grace in the midst of each struggle. 🙂

aimeeimbeau says:

I get that shocked response sometimes as well. I wonder if it because right now, people see the results of grace and tremendous healing. I think that offers hope…that it isn’t the end of the story. If I can experience grace, then so can they. Thanks for sharing.

karentfriday says:

Thank you so much for visiting and your comment. Yes, grace prevails over all my “me too” moments. Amen. 🙂 Blessings!

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