Look Before You Blame

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Sometimes no one is to blame but me.

Our tendency to cast blame on other men or women started with the first man and woman.

When the first humans disobeyed God, it triggered a finger-pointing cycle still in motion today. Adam told God it was the woman’s fault. When Eve was questioned, she immediately blamed the serpent.

You see the pattern here? “It was her!” or “He’s to blame!” (Not me!)

Let’s take a closer look. Pull the cameras in for a tight shot in the Garden. Someone on the film crew get a microphone on Adam. A headset mic will do. Fig leaf shirts are not in style.

In Genesis 3:11, the Lord God asked Adam straight up, “Did you eat of the tree I commanded you not to eat?” Before we pause for a commercial break (glad there are no real commercials in Bible stories), listen carefully to Adam’s response, “The woman you gave me…she gave me fruit of the tree, and I ate.” (verse 12.)

Initially, it appears he is putting total blame on Eve’s shoulders. Then we notice that little three letter word—you. God, it was the woman you gave me. Adam is blaming God for his own wrongdoing by cause and effect. You did ‘that’ which caused me to do ‘this.’

Adam’s scripted lines from the movie trailer, God You Messed Up Big Time; “If you hadn’t given me a woman, maybe this sin thing wouldn’t have gone down and we wouldn’t be having this conversation right now. Uh? You ever consider that God?”

In defense of women, I would love to give an awe-inspiring critic’s review about Eve’s star debut. I want nothing more than to rave on how she is the greatest first lady ever by taking full responsibility for her actions. However, it would be false news reporting in the socialite section.

So here’s the real scoop: Eve not only completely blames the serpent, she also justifies her behavior with a likely and perfectly understandable excuse—she was tricked! Some translations say deceived or beguiled. (Gee thanks Eve! This is what we have to look forward to? Can’t see your way out of this kind of deception? Give us a break!)

Adam had some excuses of his own. Even blaming his creator. (By the way, God is the one who made the rules. When you create stuff like the universe and people, you get to decide those kinds of things.)

Blame is a heart issue, a “me” issue, and a pride issue. And every last one of us have been diagnosed with the condition.

A prideful heart. Pride always sees me in the best light. Pride only sees me in the most desirable way. How good I am and how bad you are—that’s why you are to blame for this thing, mess, problem, and all world evil.

When we blame God or someone else, we are not taking responsibility for “me.”

Let’s take a closer look. Pull the cameras in for a tight shot on me, myself, and I. Before deciding Who’s really to…


Be aware of myself. My own weaknesses, vulnerabilities, and temptations.

Let go of self-importance. Lead the way of self-sacrificing attitudes and seeking the good of others.

Accept responsibility for me. My responses, reactions, behavior, choices, and sin.

Measure my life against scripture, not others.

Examine my heart. Look at my natural disposition for pride, deceit, selfishness, and depravity.

“Blessed are those whose ways are blameless, who walk according to the law of the LORD.” Psalm 119:1 NIV

Who’s to blame?

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Love the camera “angle” and thought-provoking insight.

karentfriday says:

Thank you Dianne. I pray for desire to walk blameless in the Lord’s commands. (Psalm 119) AND to look at ME! 🙂

Wendy McAuley says:

I love the B-L-A-M-E acronym Karen. Thanks for the insight!!

karentfriday says:

Thanks Wendy! Praying I can take a closer look before I point my fingers. Just keeping it real! 🙂

Denise Jenkins says:

Thanks for sharing this. It was great.

karentfriday says:

Denise, thanks for the encouragement. Asking the Lord to do a regular heart check-up on me to reveal MY blame, pride, and any areas that don’t line up with the Word. 🙂

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