I Need to Borrow Superman’s Cape

Cape, courtesy of Canva.com

Sometimes a girl just needs to borrow Superman’s cape. Any girls or guys relate?

Shoulders back. Head and chin up. I trust it will fit.

A few heroines sport capes too. However, those won’t do. There’s a need to stand tall. To fly. To take on something bigger than my wildest dreams and shoot for the moon. I’ve never hit the moon.

But, a daily selection of wrinkle-free capes already hang in my wardrobe.

My Capes

Independent cape: You won’t find want-ads in the local newspaper. I work alone. I’m not part of a superhero team. No sidekicks or aspiring heroes necessary. Besides, I can save myself, save you, and save the day.

Comic book cape: My life’s captured and illustrated on colorful pages. Children and collectors everywhere marveled at my cape-wearing stories. I performed heroic feats and villain knock-outs then received the adoration. Hero worship.

Dual role cape: Meshing my real life with my heroine life proves tricky. Wife, mom, employee, friend, disciple of Christ, mentor, writer, speaker, and dreamer. Rescues and cooking dinner all in a day’s work. It’s attainable. A friend and former employer assured me, “Karen, you’re a machine!”

Archenemy-fighting cape: An archenemy (Lucifer) threatens to destroy my world and my family. Girl Friday to the rescue! “Pow!” “Shazam!” Don’t mess with me.

Backstory cape: I have a story. There are days I must remember my roots and where I came from. Like Superman, when did I discover kryptonite or that I had special power? More practically, who am I? Where do I find my identity?

Disguise cape: This cape goes well with my mask-wearing mood. Fearful if I remove the mask, others will see the real me. Less than the heroine they expect me to be. It stays freshly laundered and ironed. I cannot jeopardize a glimpse of me on the inside.


Sadie, our Dachshund

Hero Capes

Research on superheroes and their costumes uncovered the cape holds no super power. When Superman flies, his cape is seen as flowing in the wind but contributes nothing to flight ability. It doesn’t double as a plane wing. It’s only part of the costume theme.

Many costume pieces play a vital role for enhanced abilities. Except the cape. Scratch any messages already sent Superman’s way. His cape won’t be needed. Hero-ness found elsewhere.

I’ve read stories about unsung heroes. A military veteran or a valiant member of society—those who had great courage—yet, went unnoticed. Achievements buried underneath an idealized view that others did shoot for the moon and hit it. Better. With sharper aim and greater pizzazz.

But, more often than not, heroes sung about are moonstruck stories with little depth of sizable hero qualities that matter.

Superficial capes hanging on the shoulders of superficial accolades.

Cape Not Needed

Supernatural powers and abilities are not warranted to be a hero. True heroes acquire the title by means of fighting crime, standing up for the helpless, dispersing freedom, and changing society for the better. They live among us.

One man in history was both an unsung hero and divine rescuer. To this day, many fail to acknowledge, praise, and honor Him. He’s not acclaimed.

But He saves, performs heroic feats, knocks out villains, meshes real life with hero life, destroys the archenemy, and rescues the perishing. His backstory is rooted in supernatural power. He fights crime committed against His people. He stands up for the helpless. He brings freedom to those in captivity.

Cape, Courtesy of Unsplash.comHeroic excerpt:When you pass through the waters, I will be with you. When you pass through the rivers, they will not flow over you. When you walk through the fire, you will not be burned. The fire will not destroy you. For I am the Lord your God, the Holy One of Israel, Who saves you” Isaiah 43:2-3 NLV.

The Lord has no need for a cape, disguise, mask or costume. He is adorned.

“Who is this in royal robes, marching in his great strength? ‘It is I, the Lord, announcing your salvation! It is I, the Lord, who has the power to save!'” Isaiah 63:1 NLT.

Jesus. He alone has the power to save. He rescues me from sin, spiritual death, and from my cape-wearing-self. I sing words of praise and acclamation to Him. Savior worship.

© 2015 by Karen Friday, All rights reserved

*Featured image courtesy of Canva. Water/fire images courtesy of Unspash.

*I brought back this oldie, praying it’s a goodie for your walk with Christ.


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He alone has the power to save us, cape or no cape! Thank you for such inspirational insight here, Karen!

Karen says:

Amen, Martha! And thank you for stopping by and commenting. My cape-wearing days are over. I’ll sing words of praise and acclamation to the real hero. Savior worship.

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