No Rules


I’ve always been a rule-keeper. Shared a kinship to other rule-keepers. Favored the mindset, always keep the golden rule, never break the cardinal rule (specific to a group, organization, club) and follow the basic rules of law and order.

No rules-A vehicle pulls in beside me. The driver gets out, locks the car, and rips off the “curbside take-away parking only” sign and walks into the restaurant.

I’m sitting in a curbside take-away parking space for Outback Steakhouse—usually marked by a stationary sign—but printed on a sheet of paper taped to a construction zone fence.

Outback Steakhouse slogan? “No rules, just right.”

I like keeping rules. Here are some of my suggestions for important rules to follow:

  • Playground Rules: Wait your turn for the equipment. Don’t come down the slide until the person in front of you is safely out of the way. Don’t walk in front of people on the swings—this may be learned the hard way. Don’t attempt to exit a merry-go-round while in motion.

  • Parking Rules: Don’t attempt parallel parking unless you know how to parallel park. Don’t pull in an empty parking spot when you can clearly see another driver waiting with a blinker light flashing. Don’t pull in close to other vehicles sparing everyone the dreaded door dings. And don’t park in curbside take-away spots unless you are getting take-away food.

  • Social Rules: Don’t be impolite in public—extending kindness shows character. Don’t embarrass your mother, do chew with your mouth closed, don’t talk with food in your mouth, show respect, and mind your “P’s and “Q’s.”

Rule-keeping can be taken to the extreme, but rules can provide order, safety, and standards for peaceful living. God’s rules provide standards for right living.

“Righteous are you, O Lord, and right are your rules.” Psalm 119:137

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