3 Truths Google Autofill Showed Me About Marriage

Autofill, Adobe Spark DesignYou may be asking, what in the world do marriage and autofill have to do with each other?

No matter what web browser we use, Google Chrome, Safari, or other, most have developed computer programs to enable autofill.

Also known as autocomplete.

The Ease of Autofill

First of all, it’s especially helpful when completing forms on the internet.

And it automatically populates fields like our name, email, mailing address, etc.

Even mobile Safari lets you scan credit cards. Autocomplete is a great time saver.

Yet when I searched for what autofill provides, I came across many different articles:

  • How do I enable autofill on my computer?
  • Need help getting autofill?
  • How can I update autofill information?

Seems like autofill is popular. Because we want easy and comfort and fast when it comes to doing anything these days. And when we find ourselves on the internet ordering items and signing up for freebies, we desire simple and little work on our part.

Due to autofill, web browsers store this data and repopulate it for our use later. What’s not to love? In addition, there’s less typing and quicker results.

But should we approach marriage the same way?

God created us and the union between husband and wife.

“So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them. And God blessed them” Genesis 1:27-28a.

“Therefore a man shall leave his father and his mother and hold fast to his wife, and they shall become one flesh” Genesis 2:24.

3 truths autofill teaches us about marriage: 

(1) A good marriage requires work. Autofill, design by Adobe Spark

Nothing about marriage is “auto”-anything. And God never intended automatic, autofill, or autocomplete to describe marriage. Rather, when it comes to building a good marriage, I discovered it isn’t easy and fast or simple with comfort.

Instead, through Christ’s work in us, we put forth the effort for a solid marriage. 

We make the time to spend time with our spouse—less for quicker results won’t pan out here. Seeing past the faults of our spouse and forgiving hurts against us takes every bit of our energy. Yet, the work is worth the elbow grease. Because faster may not always equal better.

We build a strong #marriage one brick at a time on a sure foundation. #Jesus. Click To Tweet

(2) A strong marriage enables the right data.

Remember my search about autofill topics? I left out some of my research to share here.

  • How do I disable autofill if I don’t want it anymore?
  • How do I clear the information and start over?

As with anything, glitches exist. But what we wanted to enable, we choose to disable. What we filled in, we desire to clear out.

However, God defines marriage. Most of all, the Lord ensures that if we incorporate His data in marriage, our chances and outcomes look better.

Oh, we may think the world offers the data we need—packaged in colorful paper and a tied with a beautiful bow. Yet, statistics show us otherwise. Breakups happen every day.

Instead, we use the program the Lord developed for a strong marriage. 

You see, God’s the best developer on the planet—hands down.

We find God's #secrets, the inside scoop about #marriage, in His manual. Click To Tweet

So we read His Word and we pray, God what do You say? How do we move forward with this present circumstance? How can I love my spouse the way You called me to? Give me marriage wisdom. In Jesus’ name, Amen. 

Autofill, layout by Adobe Spark(3) A lasting marriage populates with love.

Necessary information populating in all the required fields proves awesome for online forms. But we established the right information comes only from God with matrimony.

Yes, culture tells us how to populate what’s missing in our relationships. Secular how-to books and expert advice lobby for our attention and trust.

Instead, couples who last, always fill in the barren spots with God’s love.

So when a God-kind-of-love is present, marriage endures. Love lasting through the uphill climbs.

A digging-in love staking our claim in godly principles. Affection disrupting the status quo.

God’s #love can’t be shaken or taken. #marriage Click To Tweet

Your Turn

What other marriage truths from autofill would you add? Share in the comments.

© 2017 by Karen Friday, All Rights Reserved

Unless noted, all Scripture is ESV. Image design courtesy of Adobe Spark.

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Julia Dale says:

Love this post and a great practical application to Marriage – there are a few things I am going to work on disabling!

Karen says:

Thank you, Julia. And I’m with you. Disabling some things to clear the way for the right data. Amen! Appreciate you commenting. Blessings!

Such an interesting perspective, Karen! It would be interesting to add a five-love-language autofill tab on a marriage survey. I have to ask myself often, “When is the last time you showed him love in HIS language?” I thank God for opening my eyes and heart through that book.

Karen says:

Thanks for your input, Sarah. Yes, adding our spouse’s love language is a great suggestion. It takes intentionality. Blessings! 🙂

Beckie says:

Great points,Karen! Yes, marriage is work, but worth it.

Karen says:

Beckie, thank you and for taking the time to comment. Yes, the work is worth it. Because faster doesn’t always equal better. Short-cuts in one of the greatest relationships God created, marriage, never adds to our growth as a couple.

Liz says:

Marriage isn’t automatic! We certainly can’t put it on autopilot and hope to survive. A lot of truth there! We are constantly changing and hopefully for the better, but we don’t do it alone, our partners are aging and maturing, too. It can get pretty complicated! But God… His presence chases chaos away! Blessings!!

Karen says:

“Autopilot”…I like that Liz. It certainly doesn’t show our care and commitment to love and honor in the most Christ-like way possible. Appreciate your insight. 🙂

Andy Lee says:

So clever my friend. I do love autofill. I just thanked God for it today as I ordered a few things! LOL! But I’ve heard it said that nothing worth having comes easy. And that’s so fitting to marriage. I think Charles Spurgeon in My Utmost for His Highest said the purpose of marriage was to make us holy not happy. Or maybe that was life and God in general. Anyway, Blessings to you today! Visiting from the #grit-up writers collective.

Karen says:

Andy, thank you! Yes, autofill is wonderful for some things! 🙂 And so true, nothing worth having comes easy. God making marriage holy more than happy is Sacred Marriage by Gary Thomas. Good book. Spurgeon did probably talk about holiness for life in general but it certainly refers to marriage. I believe that’s why it’s called “holy matrimony.” Jesus is the holy part. 🙂

Leslie says:

Karen, what a great comparison! I loved this creative way to look at marriage. I would add that Because of Jesus our “misspellings” are correctable and we can do a better job with our typing the next time around. : ) Thank you for helping remind me that I need to watch the “autopilot” option.

Karen says:

Leslie, thanks for commenting and love your addition to the conversation. Yes! Jesus corrects every area where we misspell and have typos in marriage, corrected by His power and grace…and His Word! Blessings! 🙂

~ linda says:

Interesting take on this. I tend to not use autofill very much, and I would say that for marriage as well! : ) I am 70 and use the computer but I tend to do things by hand and like it that way. My marriage is on holy ground. We want God’s hand between us always. He is our autofill as long as we are walking in obedience.

Karen says:

“He is our autofill as long as we are walking in obedience.” Amen, Linda. Obeying the Lord is key. For we are complete in Christ alone. And Jesus completes our marriage. Thanks for your thoughts! Blessings! 🙂

Crystal says:

Karen, this is so very clever! You had me at the title, and I love your application to marriage. Nothing is automatic in marriage…how I wish certain things were, and we were not continually on a learning curve. But I guess it keeps us on our toes.

Karen says:

Crystal, thank you! And so true, a continual learning curve does keep us on our toes. But grateful the good Lord ensures that if we incorporate His data in marriage, our chances and outcomes look better. Way more than we could ever come up with on our own. 🙂

Love this! I am 23 years old and just got married a couple of months ago! Everyone was amazed that we got married so young, but I wouldn’t change a thing. We have been through so much in the past couple months, and you are totally right about everything!! No autofill in marriage!! I love it. Autofill takes away authenticity (in marriage)!!

Karen says:

Congratulations on your marriage, Alexis. I was also 23 when we got married, now it’s 32 years later. 🙂 Your words are true…autofill takes away the authenticity. May we let the Lord “complete” everything about us and our marriage. Blessings over your union! Such a beautiful couple. Thanks for commenting!

“Instead, couples who last, always fill in the barren spots with God’s love.”>> This hit me the hardest. This has been learned, sure, but still needs work! The Hubs and I just celebrated our 7th anniversary! I can say without a doubt, God’s love has filled in more spots than I think either of us would like to admit! It is only through God that I can put on the cloak of love. Love, God’s love, is chosen. I choose to love my husband everyday, just as I choose to let God’s love wash over my barren spots, shame, darkness! Great word; great reminders for a healthy marriage!

Karen says:

Thank you, Katie. If we only use our own resources to fill in barren spots, we’re in a heap of trouble. 🙂 I know I am. But when we do fill in those barren areas with God’s unconditional and redeeming love, it overflows. And “Amen!” about choosing to love each day. Love is a choice. Happy 7th anniversary and blessings for many more to come!

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