I Believe in God and I Believe in Miracles

Miracles, courtesy of Adobe Spark

I’m praying for nothing short of a miracle. No one is higher than the God we serve. 

I believe in miracles. So when my writer friend, Marla, asked me to pray for her family during a difficult time, I petitioned my Lord to do the impossible.

If we break down the word impossible. We humans are the “im”—as in, I’m a person with limited power and ability. But God’s the “possible.”

Because only a great and mighty God can make all things a possibility. And He can, you know, do anything.

Meetings With Jesus 

Here’s more of the note to Marla. Sorry to hear this devastating news. We believe He has the power and we believe in His sovereignty even if He chooses not to. He’s the giver of life, the CEO of the world, and applies the soothing balm of the Spirit to our hurts. 

Marla’s situation did not turn out as she’d hoped. Yet, the great and mighty Savior met her in her darkest hour.

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I Want to Put This Catchphrase on a T-shirt

t-shirt, Adobe SparkMore taste than money. Life is good. The book was better. Alone. Huggable.

There’s no doubt about it.

A t-shirt comes in varied colors and sizes, displays our favorite sayings, iconic people and things.

T-shirt Catchphrases

Phrases exist in all forms. Crazy, blunt, offensive, sweet, wild, fun, shocking, and humorous.

Some can’t be worn to school. Many go against the dress code at work. A few may bring us trouble.

One popular catchphrase promotes t-shirt lovers sense of style while leaving room for personal opinion and devotion.

Have you seen “I’m with” sayings on t-shirts?

I’m with…



The beauty


The celebrity

The writer 

The college graduate

The winner

The princess

And sometimes the shirt lists a specific person. A politician’s name relays you’re “with” him in beliefs.

So, if you chose a person, what would your shirt say? I’m with _____.

I’m With….

To find out my t-shirt line, consider His titles:

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Identity Theft: Taking Back What the Enemy Stole

Identity, Adobe sparkHe exploited my good name with my personal resources at stake.

Robbed. Bamboozled. Deceived.

Stolen Identity

Information security failed, leaving me open to attack. So a crafty thief stole from me. Stripping me bare of belongings and draining me dry.

And he left me utterly bankrupt and exposed to the most common scam on the planet.

A victim of identity theft. No, not the kind you hear about in the media. My identity in association with bank accounts and financial credit remained undamaged.

Also, no one robbed me of “who I am” by posing as me online, running up a money debt at my expense. These areas remain secure and not breached.

But a vile enemy sabotaged my identity. The thief who intends to kill, steal, and destroy (John 10:10). And he robbed me of “who I am” by strategic lies in my mind and labels imposed on me by others.

Who is this enemy? Satan. The chief of thieves. And the evil one.

The Enemy Versus God

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Not Ashamed: I Worship Jesus Christ

worship, courtesy of Adobe SparkTears pooled. A lump formed in my throat. In that instant, the enemy ambushed my heart.

I’d lost sight of who I worship.

Because the words of praise gnawed at me. Why all the glory and honor for her? I celebrated alongside her. But secretly I felt overlooked. Shoved further away from the spotlight.

Unsolicited thoughts snuck up on me. Drumroll, please. Everyone lift her up! 

I cringe at such ugliness. It’s hard to confess. Embarrassing.

But the spotlight was never intended for me. The Lord reminded me of the words He’d stirred in my soul.

If I can’t lay down my own glory, Jesus will never get His.

Surrendered Worship

“Lord, haven’t I taken this class before? Glory belongs to you alone. Will this be an endless struggle? A spiritual handicap to overcome?”

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4 Ways to Click the Refresh Button in Your Marriage

Refresh, courtesy of Adobe SparkRefresh. It’s a click away.

Refreshing takes place everyday in my home. Because the button’s been clicked countless times on my computer. In fact, every time I make edits to this blog site, the changes only become visible after I refresh my internet browser.

And the same holds true with social media. I refresh to see the updates made to my profile. But if I don’t hit refresh, my computer sees the former version of a page in its memory.

So, the same holds true in marriage. Changes we’d like to see are visible after we refresh. Re-energizing our marriage takes intentional effort.

Most of all, refreshing is biblical. For instance, Sabbath rest (Exodus 23:12 ESV). There’s also soul refreshing (Psalm 23:2 NIV). Refreshed by another Christian’s presence—company (Romans 15:32; 1 Corinthians 16:18 ESV).

Finally, the love relationship (Song of Solomon 2:5 ESV). While the pages in our memory may contain fun-loving moments.

Sometimes we hold too tight to yesterday's marriage memories instead of making new ones. #marriage Click To Tweet

Yet, God intends we revitalize our relationships. First and foremost, a daily interaction and intimacy with Him. Secondly, letting the Lord give new energy to our marriage as we set our sights on the refresh button.

Whether we desire to rekindle the romance or deepen the friendship or both. To create today versions of our marriage, it means we refresh the relationship. Because if everything we hold true and lovely about our marriage is in the former category, it’s time to hit the button.

Here’s 4 ways to click the refresh button: 

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2 Kinds of Christians: Church Steeple People or Jesus People

Church, courtesy of Adobe SparkChurch, we come worshiping and leave serving. Pastor Mike Friday

Several years ago, my husband preached a message on how serving God follows worshiping God—in that order. Worship aligns our heart with the Lord. But it also acts as the catalyst to serve Him.

Originally a church plant, Believers Church has moved locations several times in our history. Now, we meet in a former warehouse. The building offers a contemporary feel with renovations to our worship center, meeting areas, offices, and children’s department.

But, there’s no steeple. No ornate widows or tapestry. No pews. And no religious traditions of men.

Still, I’ve seen breath-taking sanctuaries and marveled in architectural designs of churches. The pure beauty of historical cathedrals and the modern design of present day buildings often dazzle our eyes and prompt a visual stir.

The Early Church

Yet, the early church met and worshiped in homes. And house churches exist today. A diversity of worship venues plot our world’s map; modest, huts, underground-secret-rooms, homes, modern, traditional, grand, and ornate.

On a college mission in Zimbabwe, Africa with Cru (Campus Crusade for Christ), we showed The Jesus Film by generator in small church buildings.

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Beat the Valentine’s Day Blues: Here’s How

Valentine's Day, courtesy of Adobe Spark“I’m skipping Valentine’s Day this year!”

When February 14 comes near, I hear and see the sting of broken hearts disenchanted with the whole “will you be my valentine?” charm or its absence.

As a young and vulnerable heart, Valentine’s Day without a boyfriend seemed ghastly to me. The Valentine’s Day blues at its peak. A girl in love with love.

Does Valentine’s Day define us?

Why do we think being someone’s valentine defines us? At least thinking it’s the tell-tale sign of who we are in regards to having and owning love. Like the cliche’. “I’m lucky in love.”

For the security of celebrating the day-of-love holiday, I often see girls and women date someone other than their “first pick” until after the holiday. Guys do this, too. Settle. To fill the spot for grandiose images of candlelight, romance, flowers, and chocolate.

Yet, I’ve always wanted close relationships with people who really get me. To know my heart as much as a person can know another human heart. Do they know what makes me smile, moves me to tears, causes me to laugh out loud, brings me to sadness, or throws me into a tizzy?

To understand me and love me. For. Me. As. Me.

3 valentines I always wanted to be:

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Bless My Heart: 6 Greatest Joys in Being a Pastor’s Wife

Pastor's Wife, text courtesy of Adobe Spark“Honey, bless your heart!” The response when announcing I’m a pastor’s wife. At least sometimes here in the southern part of America.

And to be fair, not only does bless your heart carry the connotation of empathy for the person’s situation. But it’s also admiration for courage or honor in taking on certain roles—bless your heart for doing that.

Last week I shared, My Top 6 Confessions About Being a Pastor’s Wife.

Part 2: Joys of a Pastor’s Wife

So, I identify myself as a pastor’s wife in every venue and at every corner of life. Further still, my family’s blessed with three of us. Yes, three. My twin sister, Sharon, is a pastor’s wife. And my younger sister, Wendi, is married to a pastor.

Also, we’re all different denominational churches. Yet, “in Christ.” And you can count on this, three Christian women who function as a triple threat to spiritual darkness.

In addition, the position comes with bragging rights. When an athlete or musician successfully achieves an ambition or wins a competition, it merits bragging rights. Great things they can boast about.

I haven’t achieved greatness or won a competition in these areas. But I know the One who’s great and victorious over this world, the enemy, and spiritual death. Rather, I boast about my Lord.

Christians have bragging rights. Boasting in a Mighty God who's done great things. #Christianity Click To Tweet

6 Greatest Joys and Their Blessings:

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My Top 6 Confessions About Being a Pastor’s Wife

ConfessionsSo, confessions are good for the soul, right?

Sure, confessions before God rid our soul of sin—forgiveness for our wrongs. Yet, there’s another release when we make confessions before people.

Not only for wrong behavior, but also to let go of struggles.

My family has ministered in eight churches over the last thirty-two years. And my husband, Mike, currently serves as Lead Pastor for Believers Church.

While pastor’s wives often try to live-out the loudest “Amen!” and “Hallelujah!”

Still, we carry burdens.

In addition, we struggle with ministry issues.

6 Confessions and Lessons Learned 

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5 Things I’m Breaking Up With And Never Making Up Again

Breaking, image text courtesy of Adobe SparkBreaking up is hard to do. 

He slid the note across a neighboring student’s desk, motioning to pass to the intended recipient—me. My name visible along the top fold of paper.

Feeling as though the world came to an end that day and I would never survive breaking up. The quirkiness of seventh grade. When did I decide boys didn’t have cooties? This should be re-evaluated.

Still, sobering breakups thundered in my young life. I made it out alive. Yet, as with most hurting hearts, my heart lacked resilience.

Breakups are hard. Heart. Breaking. The larger the investment of time, the harder we fall.

Breaking Up?

But, although painful, some breakups are in my best interest. Therefore, I’m composing a note to send, specifying the exact reasons I want out. If you’re a neighboring heart—a kindred spirit—please pass on to the intended recipient.

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