2 Kinds of Christians: Church Steeple People or Jesus People

Church, courtesy of Adobe SparkChurch, we come worshiping and leave serving. Pastor Mike Friday

Several years ago, my husband preached a message on how serving God follows worshiping God—in that order. Worship aligns our heart with the Lord. But it also acts as the catalyst to serve Him.

Originally a church plant, Believers Church has moved locations several times in our history. Now, we meet in a former warehouse. The building offers a contemporary feel with renovations to our worship center, meeting areas, offices, and children’s department.

But, there’s no steeple. No ornate widows or tapestry. No pews. And no religious traditions of men.

Still, I’ve seen breath-taking sanctuaries and marveled in architectural designs of churches. The pure beauty of historical cathedrals and the modern design of present day buildings often dazzle our eyes and prompt a visual stir.

The Early Church

Yet, the early church met and worshiped in homes. And house churches exist today. A diversity of worship venues plot our world’s map; modest, huts, underground-secret-rooms, homes, modern, traditional, grand, and ornate.

On a college mission in Zimbabwe, Africa with Cru (Campus Crusade for Christ), we showed The Jesus Film by generator in small church buildings.

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Beat the Valentine’s Day Blues: Here’s How

Valentine's Day, courtesy of Adobe Spark“I’m skipping Valentine’s Day this year!”

When February 14 comes near, I hear and see the sting of broken hearts disenchanted with the whole “will you be my valentine?” charm or its absence.

As a young and vulnerable heart, Valentine’s Day without a boyfriend seemed ghastly to me. The Valentine’s Day blues at its peak. A girl in love with love.

Does Valentine’s Day define us?

Why do we think being someone’s valentine defines us? At least thinking it’s the tell-tale sign of who we are in regards to having and owning love. Like the cliche’. “I’m lucky in love.”

For the security of celebrating the day-of-love holiday, I often see girls and women date someone other than their “first pick” until after the holiday. Guys do this, too. Settle. To fill the spot for grandiose images of candlelight, romance, flowers, and chocolate.

Yet, I’ve always wanted close relationships with people who really get me. To know my heart as much as a person can know another human heart. Do they know what makes me smile, moves me to tears, causes me to laugh out loud, brings me to sadness, or throws me into a tizzy?

To understand me and love me. For. Me. As. Me.

3 valentines I always wanted to be:

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Bless My Heart: 6 Greatest Joys in Being a Pastor’s Wife

Pastor's Wife, text courtesy of Adobe Spark“Honey, bless your heart!” The response when announcing I’m a pastor’s wife. At least sometimes here in the southern part of America.

And to be fair, not only does bless your heart carry the connotation of empathy for the person’s situation. But it’s also admiration for courage or honor in taking on certain roles—bless your heart for doing that.

Last week I shared, My Top 6 Confessions About Being a Pastor’s Wife.

Part 2: Joys of a Pastor’s Wife

So, I identify myself as a pastor’s wife in every venue and at every corner of life. Further still, my family’s blessed with three of us. Yes, three. My twin sister, Sharon, is a pastor’s wife. And my younger sister, Wendi, is married to a pastor.

Also, we’re all different denominational churches. Yet, “in Christ.” And you can count on this, three Christian women who function as a triple threat to spiritual darkness.

In addition, the position comes with bragging rights. When an athlete or musician successfully achieves an ambition or wins a competition, it merits bragging rights. Great things they can boast about.

I haven’t achieved greatness or won a competition in these areas. But I know the One who’s great and victorious over this world, the enemy, and spiritual death. Rather, I boast about my Lord.

Christians have bragging rights. Boasting in a Mighty God who's done great things. #Christianity Click To Tweet

6 Greatest Joys and Their Blessings:

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My Top 6 Confessions About Being a Pastor’s Wife

ConfessionsSo, confessions are good for the soul, right?

Sure, confessions before God rid our soul of sin—forgiveness for our wrongs. Yet, there’s another release when we make confessions before people.

Not only for wrong behavior, but also to let go of struggles.

My family has ministered in eight churches over the last thirty-two years. And my husband, Mike, currently serves as Lead Pastor for Believers Church.

While pastor’s wives often try to live-out the loudest “Amen!” and “Hallelujah!”

Still, we carry burdens.

In addition, we struggle with ministry issues.

6 Confessions and Lessons Learned 

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5 Things I’m Breaking Up With And Never Making Up Again

Breaking, image text courtesy of Adobe SparkBreaking up is hard to do. 

He slid the note across a neighboring student’s desk, motioning to pass to the intended recipient—me. My name visible along the top fold of paper.

Feeling as though the world came to an end that day and I would never survive breaking up. The quirkiness of seventh grade. When did I decide boys didn’t have cooties? This should be re-evaluated.

Still, sobering breakups thundered in my young life. I made it out alive. Yet, as with most hurting hearts, my heart lacked resilience.

Breakups are hard. Heart. Breaking. The larger the investment of time, the harder we fall.

Breaking Up?

But, although painful, some breakups are in my best interest. Therefore, I’m composing a note to send, specifying the exact reasons I want out. If you’re a neighboring heart—a kindred spirit—please pass on to the intended recipient.

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I Can’t Keep Quiet: 2 Ways I Stand With Jesus Christ

Quiet, photo by MichaelCFriday.comPlease be quiet! 

Shushed. It happened in elementary school. And at the library.

My mom insisted I be quiet in church—the right thing to do. So, apparently the preacher could yell. But me? No freedom of speech from the pew. True, I didn’t have the floor or the stage.

As a child, I remember when grown-ups asked for a little peace and quiet—for their sanity.

Oh, if we rewound the tape, there’s more examples of attempts to silence me. Instead, let’s fast-forward to present day.

I Can’t Keep Quiet

I’m a woman now. Sure, certain scenarios in life call for silence…for no talking. When my husband’s watching one of his favorite TV shows or wants to hear something on the news. I get that. I need to hush.

Still, the world and culture want to silence me. They whisper, “Shush.” But there’s one thing I can’t keep silent about. No way. No how. Never.

My name is Karen Friday and I refuse to be quiet about my Lord.

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DIY Myth: Pull Yourself Up By Your Bootstraps

bootstraps, image text by Adobe SparkHelp! I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!

Tumbles and stumbles. My worst moments in life. Like the time the short-cut down the embankment proved the wrong way—for me anyway. Flailing legs and arms on display for the whole world. Well, at least the people close enough to catch the show before the show.

And the times life knocked me off my feet in spirit. Culture implores me to pull myself up by my bootstraps. But is it even possible?

Have you ever fallen? Physically? What about on the inside? So, did you get back on your feet? And by yourself?

The bootstraps myth

Imagine you set out on a nice afternoon stroll through the countryside. But you trip over a branch and tumble to the ground. You are alone. No problem. Firmly grab ahold of your bootstraps (only one finger fits through the loop) and pull yourself to an upright position. Simple. Easy-peasy. A do-it-yourself task. No help necessary.

Now envision this same scenario taking place on the inside of you—deep within. The innermost part of you tumbles and you can’t get up. So, go ahead. Do it. Pull yourself up by your bootstraps.

But it’s an impossible feat. A complete myth. And a lie from the enemy. If we tumble in body or spirit, a DIY project’s not a suitable technique.

Life turns hard without fair warning.

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Let Goodness Crown Your Year in 2017

Crown, courtesy of Adobe SparkCrown.

I imagine the three kings of Orient in a Christmas play. My mind’s eye pictures inauguration ceremonies of royal monarchs.

I envision crowning moments of beauty pageants. Iconic Disney princesses displayed in crowns.

I even think of paper crowns from Burger King. And plastic versions adorned with jewels…the finishing touch to a little girl’s costume.

A Crown for the New Year

But tucked inside God’s Word we find a unique meaning for crown. The action verb used to describe a calendar year.

“You crown the year with Your goodness, And Your paths drip with abundance” (Psalm 65:11 NKJV).

What reaction occurred when you read the passage?

  • Astonishing.
  • Breathless.
  • Flabbergasted.
  • In awe.
  • Hopeful.
  • None of the above.
  • All of the above.

So, I know this is not school or even a test. Yet, I want us to think through the power of this Scripture as it relates to God’s goodness.

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Christmas Through the Eyes of Jesus’ Earthly Parents

Jesus The birth of Jesus lies at the center of the Christmas story. But have you ever wondered how Jesus’ earthly parents would describe the events? Or what we can learn from His parents to apply to our lives today?

A recent two-week Christmas series at our church, The Christmas Story Through the Eyes of a Mother and Father, discussed Joseph and Mary.

My husband, Mike, shared through the eyes of Joseph the first week. I covered Mary for part two.

So, for this week’s blog post, I highlight the main points of each message and provide links to our church website for the video openers (fun to make) and full Scripture passages.

Joseph, the Earthly Father of Jesus

In looking at the overall story, Joseph has no speaking parts…no words quoted in the Bible. Still, we learn valuable lessons from him. Always trust God’s…

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Giving Jesus to Pakistan for Christmas

ChristmasA Christmas message of hope.

“Sister, Karen. I want to tell you that three women knock on my door. They say to me, ‘Asher, sorry to disturb you, sorry we wait all night to talk to you.'”

You see, with excitement, I’d accepted the opportunity to share a Christmas message and the good news of the gospel. I jumped at the chance to talk about my Lord.

Still, this wasn’t my usual speaker gig. But a Skype Conference to a group of women in Pakistan.

Wow! How cool is that? The ability, through technology, to go to the other side of the world…to go into all the world (Mark 16:15).

My Facebook friend, Asher, ministers in several cities and villages of Pakistan. He carries a heavy heart for the women and children, especially orphans and widows.

The rural areas are poor. The majority do not speak English. And the most astonishing spiritual fact? Pakistan’s only 3-4 % Christianity with the rest of the country steeped in Muslim beliefs. Even among the believers, few have Bibles.

Recently, the Lord stirred a word in my spirit. A timely message for me and for the women of Pakistan.

Below is the message Asher translated as I spoke. He asked that I speak in short, simple sentences and phrases. Friends and family prayed for our time. The Lord heard the cries of His people as we did not experience any technology glitches. But the Spirit moved in powerful ways.

The Christ of Christmas

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