The Only Satisfaction 100% Guaranteed

The Only Satisfaction 100% Guaranteed, Adobe Spark Image“We guarantee complete satisfaction.”

I always thought I knew what brought satisfaction in life. More money and resources to accomplish a dream. Like-minded people on my team. A near-perfect marriage and kids.

And a career I enjoyed on any day. Also, for the good parts of life to outweigh the bad—really tip the scale.

Satisfaction 100% Guaranteed?

Here’s the truth. I was wrong on every account. When a wish came true, I only moved on to the next one.

But nothing stayed around for long. None of the ways I tried to conquer my felt-based needs brought long-lasting satisfaction. No so-called guarantees kept up their end of the bargain.

Still, what ushers in a well-spring of satisfaction deep in my soul? What in the world feeds the human soul’s hunger and quenches our spirit’s thirst?

I discovered nothing in the world satisfies long-term. Oh, the god of this world, Satan, promises to satisfy us with many enticing offers. So, let’s look at…

4 False Hopes of Satisfaction 

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