A Little Talk with Jesus: Book Giveaway

A Little Talk with Jesus: Book Giveaway, by Adobe SparkLet’s have a little talk with Jesus. 

Today we’re talking about having a talk with Jesus. Simply, prayer. A talk of the highest nature.

I’m sharing some of my own thoughts on prayer and reviewing a great book on the topic for a giveaway.

Maybe, like me, you’ve experienced times of uncertainty when it comes to prayer. And perhaps we all go through times of wondering if prayer really works or even matters.

A Little Talk With Jesus

Oh, great prayer quotes float around online. But here’s some of my favorite words about prayer:

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Grateful Gobbling: Finding God in Thanksgiving

Grateful Gobbling: Finding God in Thanksgiving, design by Adobe SparkNo question, Thanksgiving Day stirs up thoughts of pilgrims, turkey, and pumpkin pie. But is it possible to find God in the holiday?

The pilgrims came here seeking freedom of you know what. 

When they landed, they gave thanks to you know who. 

Because of them, we can worship each Sunday you know where.

A fourth grader’s report on the first Thanksgiving when the classroom teacher requested students make no reference to God (source unknown).

While believers remain disturbed about Christmas devoid of God, what about the holiday before the birth of Christ?

How Do We Find and Keep God in Thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving celebrates more than pilgrims and gobbling up turkey.

First, review this summary of definitions for gobble:

1) The sound a male turkey makes.

2) To eat, devour, grab, or use something up in a speedy or greedy way.

And some definitions also cite to eat noisily. That’s another article on etiquette but try not to do this at the Thanksgiving table.

“To gobble” suggests:

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3 Truths Google Autofill Showed Me About Marriage

Autofill, Adobe Spark DesignYou may be asking, what in the world do marriage and autofill have to do with each other?

No matter what web browser we use, Google Chrome, Safari, or other, most have developed computer programs to enable autofill.

Also known as autocomplete.

The Ease of Autofill

First of all, it’s especially helpful when completing forms on the internet.

And it automatically populates fields like our name, email, mailing address, etc.

Even mobile Safari lets you scan credit cards. Autocomplete is a great time saver.

Yet when I searched for what autofill provides, I came across many different articles:

  • How do I enable autofill on my computer?
  • Need help getting autofill?
  • How can I update autofill information?

Seems like autofill is popular. Because we want easy and comfort and fast when it comes to doing anything these days. And when we find ourselves on the internet ordering items and signing up for freebies, we desire simple and little work on our part.

Due to autofill, web browsers store this data and repopulate it for our use later. What’s not to love? In addition, there’s less typing and quicker results.

But should we approach marriage the same way?

God created us and the union between husband and wife.

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4 Popular Bible Verses and What We Missed

Bible verses, design by Adobe SparkCertain Bible verses make the most quoted and popular list in church and Christian circles. But sometimes we miss important truths or gloss over the context of the passage. Or, we memorize a verse without considering the Bible verses before and after.

So I highlight 4 Bible verses in this post and discuss their neighboring Scriptures.

Popular Bible Verses

1) “For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope” Jeremiah 29:11.

You see, to know God has plans for our welfare, future, and hope, taps into our longing to be affirmed and loved and cared for.

But Jeremiah pens God’s words in a letter to God’s people in exile. “For thus says the Lord: When seventy years are completed for Babylon, I will visit you, and I will fulfill my promise and bring you back to this place” (verse 10).

Yet, the Lord planned to restore the exiles and bring them back to Jerusalem. And God has restoration plans for us.

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