3 Truths Google Autofill Showed Me About Marriage

Autofill, Adobe Spark DesignYou may be asking, what in the world do marriage and autofill have to do with each other?

No matter what web browser we use, Google Chrome, Safari, or other, most have developed computer programs to enable autofill.

Also known as autocomplete.

The Ease of Autofill

First of all, it’s especially helpful when completing forms on the internet.

And it automatically populates fields like our name, email, mailing address, etc.

Even mobile Safari lets you scan credit cards. Autocomplete is a great time saver.

Yet when I searched for what autofill provides, I came across many different articles:

  • How do I enable autofill on my computer?
  • Need help getting autofill?
  • How can I update autofill information?

Seems like autofill is popular. Because we want easy and comfort and fast when it comes to doing anything these days. And when we find ourselves on the internet ordering items and signing up for freebies, we desire simple and little work on our part.

Due to autofill, web browsers store this data and repopulate it for our use later. What’s not to love? In addition, there’s less typing and quicker results.

But should we approach marriage the same way?

God created us and the union between husband and wife.

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